Dos Equis Teams with the Most Interesting Man in the World to Launch Breakthrough Campaign

Encourages Premium Beer and Spirits Drinkers to 'Stay Thirsty My Friends'

Apr 16, 2007, 01:00 ET from Heineken USA Inc.

    WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., April 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Dos Equis, a FEMSA Cerveza
 product exclusively imported to the United States by Heineken USA (HUSA),
 today launched a new integrated marketing campaign delivered by the Most
 Interesting Man in the World. According to market research by Millward
 Brown, the TV ad is in the top five percent of most enjoyable ads in U.S.
 research history, posturing the Most Interesting Man to become pop
 culture's next brand-recognized advertising icon. In addition to the
 breakthrough TV spots, the campaign also includes print, interactive, OOH
 and event marketing components that punctuate Dos Equis as the premium beer
 for those who want to live more interesting lives.
     The campaign establishes a distinctive personality in the Most
 Interesting Man to help premium beer and spirits drinkers in their quest to
 live more interesting lives, reinforced by his catchphrase: "Stay thirsty
 my friends."
     The advertising campaign captures the Most Interesting Man's witty
 advice, colorful commentary and incredulous tales of past experiences. With
 an unmatched suave and distinguished charisma, the Most Interesting Man
 appeals to the key Dos Equis consumer -- adult men who live or aspire to
 live "interesting" lives.
     Dos Equis' advertising agency, Euro RSCG Worldwide, developed a series
 of 15 and 30 second spots, scheduled to launch the week of April 16, in
 which the Most Interesting Man offers various "food for thought," such as:
     * Advice on Careers -- "Find out what it is that you don't do well, and
       then don't do it."
     * Observations on "Packages" -- "If you can see the coins in a man's
       pocket, he'd better use them to call a tailor."
     * Feelings on "Mixed Nuts" -- "Don't allow these to coerce you to drink,
       but if you do, choose Dos Equis."
     Similar to the televised spots, the print campaign will launch in May
 books and run a series of the Most Interesting Man's comments on topics
 like "Being Boring" and "Happy Hour" in major lifestyle and local
 magazines, including Stuff, the national print partner.
     "When you look at what is driving the beer market, you see a strong
 consumer trend toward 'trading up' or premiumization. This campaign is
 designed to leverage the premium market and demonstrates the attitude,
 interest and taste of the Dos Equis target consumer who will connect with
 the Most Interesting Man," said Willem van der Hoeven, Brand Director, Dos
 Equis. "We feel it's important to engage the beer and spirits drinker in
 their own language and on their own terms."
     Already a solid player in the thriving Mexican Import category, Dos
 Equis is launching this campaign to extend its position within the premium
 import beer and spirits space. HUSA conducted extensive research on this
 comprehensive campaign to "crack the code" for engaging consumers in a way
 they have never been approached before.
     Quantitative testing conducted by marketing research consultants,
 Millward Brown, has revealed that the new Dos Equis TV ad campaign is one
 of the most enjoyable (top 5%) ads ever tested in the U.S. by Millward
 Brown. The research consultant also uses a proprietary Awareness Index (AI)
 to predict an ad's ability to generate awareness. The results are evidence
 that the campaign is poised to engage consumers and catapult Dos Equis
 beyond the Mexican Imports sector into the general beer and spirits market.
     In addition to introducing the world to its Most Interesting Man, the
 campaign also creates a call to action in which consumers can apply to
 become his next assistant.
     Euro RSCG 4D takes the Most Interesting Man to the Internet, giving
 visitors of (live as of April 2) a
 glimpse into the life of the Most Interesting Man. It showcases his objects
 of interest and offers a formal application and interactive games of wit
 for viewers to test their skills.
     Euro RSCG Magnet also leads the public relations effort, including
 non-traditional marketing and media communications to extend the reach of
 the World's Most Interesting Man.
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