Offers Free Online Staff Support for

Jul 22, 2004, 01:00 ET from Enfobridge

    STAMFORD, Conn., July 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Enfobridge this week announced, a new website that offers free downloads and support
 for software. For the first time ever, downloaders have access
 to a professional online support staff free of charge. Before, users had to take it upon themselves to hunt for
 support options after downloading, the wildly popular open
 source office suite downloaded over 20 million times.
     "For many users, finding free professional staff support for was difficult," said Anthony Long, Marketing Manager of
 Enfobridge and Leader of the OEM Project. was created to save users time and make it easy for
 them to get support for It offers two levels of software
 support. The free version gives users unlimited access to the online support
 staff of Flexiety Software Company for 30 days through a unique subscription
 number. A paid version offers users 90 days of support for $13.95. is a new service from Flexiety Software Company,
 which already supports customers around the world with two paid support
 versions of on CD, including Plus Updates & Support and
 Premiere Support Edition. Both versions include one year of online support.
     "With over 100,000 downloads of a week, it was clear to us
 that the preferred method of obtaining this software was through downloads. We
 decided to launch the website to meet this demand and freely offer support to
 help customers feel more confident about using the software," Long said.
     Visitors to the home page select their support
 version, fill out a registration form, then download the software through
 mirrored download links for Windows, Linux, Solaris, or Mac OS X operating
 systems. After their registration has been confirmed, users are emailed a
 unique support subscription number which they use to enter support requests
 through the Flexiety Software Company support website. Please visit to see the website in action.
     Established in December 2002, Enfobridge is the parent company of Flexiety
 Software Company, a global provider of support and distribution for and other open source software. More information is available

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