Dr. Albert Ellis Resumes Famed Friday Night Workshops

Banned from Albert Ellis Institute, Dr. Ellis Forced

to Take Workshops Next Door

Oct 24, 2005, 01:00 ET from Dr. Albert Ellis

    NEW YORK, Oct. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Albert Ellis, world-renowned father
 of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, announced today that in response to
 overwhelming public demand he will resume his popular Friday Night Workshops
 beginning on October 28th at the American Federation of the Arts, 41 East 65th
 Street, which is located next door to the Albert Ellis Institute.  Dr. Ellis
 will hold the workshops independently of the Albert Ellis Institute, which
 suspended Dr. Ellis from conducting his Friday Night Workshops without
 providing him with a rational reason this past July.  Dr. Ellis's Friday Night
 Workshops at the Albert Ellis Institute have drawn large crowds on the Upper
 East Side of Manhattan every week for many years prior to his suspension.
     Last month, Dr. Ellis was dismissed by the board of trustees of the Albert
 Ellis Institute, which he founded in 1957.  His attorneys have filed suit
 against the board of directors for wrongful dismissal of Dr. Ellis.
     The new workshops at the American Federation of the Arts will be conducted
 on Friday nights between 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. At the workshops, Dr. Ellis
 explains the principles of Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy and how to put
 them to work in every day life.  He also takes questions from attendees about
 how to handle their own psychological issues, and gives advice about ways to
 cope using REBT techniques.
     "There was such an overwhelming outcry from people about the workshops
 stopping, and a demand to have them start again, that I had to start them
 again," said Dr. Ellis. "I still want to resolve my disputes with the
 Institute, but I am passionate about teaching the principles of REBT to help
 people live their lives more peacefully and fully.  I will do the Friday Night
 Workshops outside the Institute for as long as the Institute's management
 won't let me do them within the Institute."
     Dr. Ellis's attorney, Michael de Leeuw, a partner at Fried, Frank, Harris,
 Shriver & Jacobson LLP, noted, "We were very pleased that we could help Dr.
 Ellis secure the next-door space to carry on his Friday Night Workshops.  Dr.
 Ellis has the support of the psychological community and the public as well.
 The outpouring of support has been overwhelming ever since it became public
 knowledge that Dr. Ellis was in a serious dispute with the Institute's
 Executive Director and the Executive Director's allies on the board.  While it
 is extremely unfortunate that an icon like Dr. Ellis has had to go through
 this ugly dispute at 92 years of age, he has been comforted by the fact that
 so many people, from prominent psychologists to interested laypeople all
 around the world, care so much.  The most frustrating thing is that this all
 could have been avoided.  Dr. Ellis and others have pushed for mediation of
 these disputes for nearly a year now.  The Executive Director and his allies
 on the board of trustees have been unwilling to mediate these disputes and Dr.
 Ellis views them as having negotiated in bad faith."
     About Albert Ellis
     Dr. Albert Ellis is a world-renowned psychologist widely credited as the
 father of cognitive behavioral therapy, now the most widely used and accepted
 form of psychotherapy.  He founded the school of Rational-Emotive Behavior
 Therapy, or REBT, in the 1950s, which is practiced by over 12,000 therapists
 around the world.
     Dr. Ellis, a graduate of Columbia University, was trained in
 psychoanalysis.  However, his experience in treating patients made him
 skeptical about the effectiveness of psychoanalysis and he began to develop
 his own therapy methods that he calls Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy
 (REBT). He discovered that these methods helped his patients much more than
 traditional Freudian psychoanalysis. By the mid-1950s, he stopped using
 Freudian psychoanalysis completely. REBT is based upon Dr. Ellis' belief that
 people are responsible for creating their own emotional states and therefore
 can choose to control how they react to events around them. REBT places
 responsibility on the individual for overcoming problems by choosing to change
 the way one thinks, behaves, lives and acts.
     Dr. Ellis founded the Albert Ellis Institute in 1957 to train therapists
 in REBT and provide therapy to individuals and groups based on REBT
 principles. It is housed in a building on East 65th Street in New York City
 that was donated to the Institute by Dr. Ellis through the royalties earned on
 his books.  He has written 75 books and over 800 articles, including five
 books over the last two years.

SOURCE Dr. Albert Ellis