Dr. Jonathan C. Javitt Joins Zyvex's Scientific Advisory Board

Jun 16, 2004, 01:00 ET from Zyvex Corporation

    RICHARDSON, Texas, June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Zyvex Corporation today
 announced that Hon. Jonathan C. Javitt, M.D., M.P.H. has joined its Scientific
 Advisory Board.  Dr. Javitt is a Senior Fellow of the Potomac Institute for
 Policy Studies and an adjunct Professor of the Johns Hopkins University School
 of Medicine.  In May 2003, Dr. Javitt was appointed by President George W.
 Bush to the President's Information Technology Advisory Committee, where he
 chairs the subcommittee on health information technology.
     "Jonathan Javitt has earned a world-wide reputation in the Health Care
 industry," said James Von Ehr, Zyvex Founder and CEO.  "Adding him to our
 Scientific Advisory Board further reflects our commitment to nanotechnology
 commercialization.  He adds unique professional competencies and exceptional
 business experience."
     Javitt is also Vice-Chairman of Health Directions, LLC a Bethesda-based
 investment group that focuses on developing computer solutions to improve the
 delivery of Health Care.  He is Chief Scientific Officer of Active Health
 Management, Inc.
     "Dr. Javitt is regularly consulted on national policy and legal issues and
 has been admitted as an expert consultant in both Federal and State
 jurisdictions," said Zyvex President, Dr. Thomas A. Cellucci.  "We are very
 pleased that he has joined our team."
     Javitt was appointed to the faculty of Johns Hopkins University in 1988
 and was the first ophthalmologist to be granted a Physician Scientist Award by
 the National Eye Institute of the National Institutes of Health.  He joined
 the faculty of Georgetown University in 1990.  He is also the author of more
 than 200 publications related to Health Care delivery and holds two U.S.
 patents.  His work has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine,
 the Journal of the American Medical Association, as well as numerous other
 peer-reviewed publications.
     In 1984, Javitt authored "Computers in Medicine: Applications and
 Possibilities," one of the earliest books in the field.  Since that time, he
 has been involved in the development and commercialization of a variety of
 Health Care computer applications, including electronic medical record
 systems, epidemiologic tracking systems and, most recently, sentinel systems
 for detecting medical errors.
     Javitt has served as a member of the White House Health Reform Task Force.
 He has been an expert consultant to the World Bank, the National Institutes of
 Health, the Health Care Financing Administration, the Department of Veterans
 Affairs, and the ministries of health of United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia,
 Japan, and the Netherlands.  He has been active as a consultant in
 pharmacoeconomics and pharmaceutical development and has completed product
 development projects for Alcon, Allergan, American Home Products, Chiron,
 Lilly, Merck, Pfizer, and Pharmacia.
     Javitt has been honored as a visiting professor by the University of New
 South Wales (Sydney, Australia), the University of Melbourne (Melbourne,
 Australia), Yamanashi Medical College (Kofu, Japan), and numerous institutions
 in the United States.  He is listed in "Who's Who in the World" and has been
 elected to membership in the Cosmos Club (Washington, DC).
     Javitt graduated in 1978 with honors in Biochemistry from Princeton
 University and earned his M.D. at Cornell University Medical College.  He was
 awarded a Kellogg Foundation Fellowship to attend the Harvard School of Public
 Health, from which he graduated with an M.P.H. in Health Policy and
     Other Zyvex Scientific Advisory Board members include Dr. Alan MacDiarmid,
 a 2000 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, a Member of the National Academy of
 Science, and a member of the National Academy of Engineering; Dr. Nicholas J.
 Colella, Tessera Technologies; Dr. Wilson Ho, University of California
 (Irvine); Dr. Joseph W. Lyding, University of Illinois; Dr. Kristofer S. J.
 Pister, University of California (Berkeley); Dr. Rodney S. Ruoff, Northwestern
 University; Dr. Paul S. Weiss, Pennsylvania State University; Dr. Peter Will,
 University of Southern California.
     Zyvex's Scientific Advisory Board contributes to Zyvex's vision of
 providing flexible, automated manufacturing at ever decreasing size scales.
     About the Company
     Zyvex Corporation, based in Richardson, Texas, is the first molecular
 nanotechnology company.  Zyvex's vision is to be the leading worldwide
 supplier of tools, products, and services that enable adaptable, affordable,
 and molecularly precise manufacturing.  Zyvex commercializes nanotechnology to
 address real-world applications with high-growth potential.  Zyvex carries its
 scientific breakthroughs into key commercial applications in the area of
 materials, tools, and structures.
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     Zyvex Corporation is at http://www.zyvex.com .  Contact Katharine Green,
 Director of Corporate Communications, at kgreen@zyvex.com or by phone at
 972.235.7881 (ext. 220).

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