Dr. Paul Rivas Delivers 95% Obesity Cure Rate - Changes The Lives of 10,000 Patents

Controversial Treatment Using Combination of Drug Phentermine and Herbal

Therapies Described in Book, 'Turn Off The Hunger Switch'

Dec 18, 2001, 00:00 ET from Prentice Hall Press

    PARAMUS, N.J., Dec. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- The following release was issued
 today by Prentice Hall Press:
     In agreement with prior research that links obesity to brain chemistry,
 Dr. Paul Rivas MD, board-certified internist, bariatric specialist since 1994,
 and member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, takes this claim a
 tremendous leap forward. He, unlike any other MD, has discovered a method of
 categorizing that identifies four "types" of people all with a predisposition
 to gain weight. The four types, which he has labeled as S, N, D, and C, are
 the result of deficiencies in Serotonin, Norepinephrine, or Dopamine or an
 acute sensitivity to Carbohydrates. Using targeted questions, Dr. Rivas
 identifies each person's "inner hunger switch" within minutes and assigns them
 to a distinct "type" based on the S, N, D, or C model.  People come away with
 concrete knowledge of their "type" of brain chemistry problem and are started
 on the road to recovery. Dr. Rivas states that once he identifies a person's
 deficiency he is able to prescribe a low dosage of the baseline drug
 Phentermine either on its own or in conjunction with other drugs including;
 Prozac(R), Celexa(R), Meridia(R), Zoloft(R), Effexor XR(R), Tenuate(R),
 Wellbutrin(R) and/or the herbal supplements Ephedra, 5-HTP, Green Tea Extract,
 and the amino acid Tyrosine.
     According to Dr. Rivas, the weight loss medications currently on the
 market do not deliver adequate results. But, when drugs such as Meridia(R),
 Effexor(R) or Zoloft(R) are combined with the controversial baseline drug
 Phentermine, results are immediate and long lasting. Dr. Paul Rivas MD, offers
 his patients a specific description of the detection and treatment of obesity.
 His book, Turn Of The Hunger Switch - Reset Your Brain To Change Your Weight,
 (Prentice Hall Press, January 2002, $24.00 ISBN: 0-3752-0300-8.) takes his
 method public offering millions an incredible explanation for sudden
 significant weight gain, as well as a cure. For those who may not have the
 funds or the desire to undergo radical Bariatric surgery (otherwise known as
 stomach stapling), Rivas' method is clearly a less invasive option.
     Phentermine was one of the "phen's" in " phen/fen," the early 90's weight
 loss holy-grail that offered millions excellent results. Phen/fen a.k.a.
 Phentermine/Fenfluramine, was pulled off the market after fenfluramine and its
 close relative, dexfenfluramine were believed to be connected to serious side
 effects such as the often-fatal, valvular heart disease. This is why anytime
 the media and the masses see the term  "phen" there is immediate attention and
 concern.  Rivas prescribes low dosages of phentermine and stresses the
 importance of close medical supervision. Phentermine when combined with other
 drugs under Rivas' close care offers patients incredible and immediate results
 with minimal if any side effects.  As with any medical prescription, side
 effects are monitored and dosages are altered to reduce any discomfort. Rivas'
 mission is to educate the masses about his method and defend his position on
 including Phentermine in a weight loss regimen.
     Numerous studies have shown that the cravings, compulsive eating, and
 excessive hunger leading to weight gain are a direct result of erroneous brain
 chemistry messages. In support of that finding, Rivas took things a step
 further by identifying four specific categories. Further, he has developed a
 no-diet, weight loss program which has been successfully tested by more than
 10,000 patients since 1994 with 90% of those patients keeping the weight off
 for over 5 years by following a simple maintenance plan. Rivas' unique program
 uses common, well-tested, doctor prescribed medications, nutrients, and/or
 natural supplements to bring the hunger and cravings under immediate control.
     Paul Rivas, M.D., is a graduate of the University of Maryland medical and
 is a board-certified internist. He has specialized in the treatment of obesity
 since 1994. He has also published clinical papers on obesity, and has given
 numerous seminars on medical management of the condition to health care
 providers in the Baltimore area. Dr. Rivas has appeared on Good Morning
 America and was quoted in The Wall Street Journal.
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