Drew Carey Reason.tv Video: The War on Drugs Is a Failure

Carey tells the heartbreaking story of 'two of the countless casualties

of the war on drugs'

May 08, 2008, 01:00 ET from Reason Foundation

    LOS ANGELES, May 8 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Drew Carey's newest
 Reason.tv video tells the tragic story of Cory Maye and Ron Jones. Maye was
 in his home late at night with his one-year-old daughter. A stranger kicked
 down his door and barged into his daughter's dark bedroom. Maye shot and
 killed the intruder -- just as millions of other Americans would.
     But it turned out the intruder was actually Police Officer Ron Jones,
 raiding the home for drugs. Maye had no criminal record or past. The police
 did not find any drugs in his home at the time, but a few days later
 claimed to have found small amounts of marijuana. Police found marijuana,
 crack cocaine residue and scales at Maye's next-door neighbor's home, but
 never charged that person with a crime.
     Instead of the cops admitting they had the wrong part of the duplex,
 received bad information from an unreliable confidential informant, and
 that Maye was protecting his family and acting in self-defense, they
 charged him with capital murder. Maye was convicted and sentenced to death.
 Thanks in part to the reporting of Reason magazine's Radley Balko, Maye's
 sentence was later reduced to life in prison.
     "Despite 100 years of heavy social and financial costs, and no
 indication that victory is attainable, the U.S. government continues to
 wage its war on drugs," says Drew Carey in the Reason.tv video. Carey calls
 Maye and Jones "two of the countless casualties of the war on drugs."
     "Corey Maye did what most Americans would do," states Nick Gillespie,
 editor of Reason.tv. "He thought someone was breaking into his home and he
 protected his family. The real villain here is the war on drugs. The war on
 drugs sent an innocent man to jail for the rest of his life. Cory's two
 children now have to grow up without their father. And a police officer is
 dead. The war on drugs is failing on every front and it is time to end it."
     "Cory Maye's story puts a heartbreaking human face on the drug war,"
 says Reason magazine's Radley Balko, who has covered the case in-depth for
 several years. "It also illustrates many overlooked problems with the
 American criminal justice system, including the increasingly aggressive
 tactics police use to fight the drug war, lingering racism, problems with
 inadequate defense counsel, biased forensic experts, and the continuing
 debate over the death penalty. Cory Maye shouldn't be in prison. His
 continuing incarceration, along with the death of Officer Ron Jones, is the
 result of a number of flawed policies that have claimed an incalculable
 number of victims, and will continue to claim more unless America
 reexamines its failed war on drugs."
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