DuPont Reinforces Global Commitment to Ethics and Legal Compliance Through Collaboration With LRN

Nov 15, 2005, 00:00 ET from LRN

    LOS ANGELES, Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- LRN(R), a premier provider of legal,
 compliance, ethics management and corporate governance solutions, today
 announced it has extended two strategic agreements with DuPont (NYSE:   DD) that
 support the DuPont commitment to conducting business with integrity and in
 compliance with applicable laws.  A new multi-year agreement for online ethics
 and compliance education will extend a three-year relationship that has
 assisted DuPont in educating its nearly 60,000 employees on a range of ethical
 and legal topics.  A separate multi-year agreement renews an eight-year
 relationship between the companies establishing LRN as the exclusive provider
 of Expert Legal Research and Analysis to the DuPont corporate law department
 and its outside counsel.
      Founded in 1802, DuPont is a global leader in science and technology,
 operating in more than 70 countries.  Over the past two decades DuPont has
 evolved legal, ethics and compliance programs and practices to ensure its
 employees operate according to corporate standards of behavior and within both
 local and industry laws and regulations.  The DuPont ethics and compliance
 education program, internally branded "LegalEagle(SM)," was developed in
 partnership with LRN to help further foster a corporate culture that ensures
 ethics as a fundamental corporate value.  Since launching LegalEagle in 2003,
 more than 275,000 courses have been completed by DuPont employees on a variety
 of topics, including the DuPont Business Conduct Guide, antitrust, insider
 trading, careful communications and the importance of ethical business
     "Our core values are the foundation on which our business success is
 built, and our relationship with LRN helps us embed our high ethical standards
 into all we do," said Marjorie Doyle, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer at
 DuPont.  "LRN understands that employee education is not a one-time effort and
 that ethics and compliance programs do not operate in isolation.  Our
 relationship with LRN helps DuPont evolve our programs to meet changing risk
 areas and regulatory demands while integrating key learnings into our other
 compliance processes and systems.  Through these efforts we are standardizing
 and unifying our initiatives to allow for better informed decisions and
 actions so that we live up to the corporate values that have driven DuPont for
 more than 200 years."
     This new agreement follows the creation of DuPont Ethics and Compliance
 Central, a dedicated team of compliance officers across the company's
 geographical regions and businesses, chartered with furthering the company's
 global compliance objectives.  Through a comprehensive global risk assessment,
 Ethics and Compliance Central has helped to define the company's expanded
 ethics and compliance curriculum.   Included is a mix of library courses that
 delve into global business topics, such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act,
 global competition, export controls and effective board governance, and
 courses that help build basic awareness of ethical principles and emerging
 enterprise risk areas, such as records retention.  Delivered through the LRN
 online ethics and compliance education platform the Legal Compliance and
 Ethics Center(TM) (LCEC(R)), LegalEagle has played a central role in the
 overall compliance efforts at DuPont by helping employees and management
 become better informed about the laws and values that govern their day-to-day
 decision making.  The renewed agreement includes the expansion of course
 curriculum to address global risk areas and the localization of the online
 platform to reinforce expectations for employees doing business both
 domestically and abroad.
     The localization of the LRN LCEC platform includes the translation of
 approximately 100 courses into a variety of languages, including Spanish,
 French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Portuguese, and enhancements to
 the platform that improve the retention of course material and program
 initiatives by tailoring the online site to meet the cultural and language
 needs of non-U.S. employees.  LCEC has been credited with assisting DuPont
 employees deal with real-life ethical dilemmas by helping them learn to
 identify, evaluate and resolve legal and compliance risks.
     "We take great pride in our partnership with DuPont.  The company has been
 an innovator in fostering a corporate culture that values ethics as a core
 principle.  Its practices have been heralded internally with extremely high
 response rates from employees and externally by third-party sources," said Dov
 Seidman, CEO and Chairman of LRN.  "DuPont has embraced this leadership role
 becoming one of the most active members in the LRN customer community, aiding
 other companies by sharing best practices and providing insight that helped us
 evolve the ethics and compliance solutions and services we bring to market.
 We expect LRN customers across the industries we serve will benefit as we
 continue to share current and future success of the DuPont initiatives."
     The extended partnership between DuPont and LRN for Expert Legal Research
 and Analysis meets the high standards set by DuPont for handling the evolving
 business of the law.  LRN has provided high quality research with demonstrated
 cost savings to DuPont for nearly a decade.  Through a global network of 1,700
 highly qualified legal experts and access to KnowledgeBank, an electronic
 library of over 60,000 legal issues, LRN's Expert Legal Research and Analysis
 supports ongoing litigation activities and provides current, high-level
 research on emerging domestic and international legal issues for DuPont.  The
 renewed relationship is a result of continued realized value added to the
 DuPont legal research process.
     Since 2001 LRN has been formally designated a Primary Service Provider as
 part of the innovative DuPont Legal Model.  DuPont conducted a rigorous Six
 Sigma analysis of the LRN process for developing legal research, assessing the
 cost of producing legal research and the effectiveness with which it is used
 and found that it not only delivered high caliber legal research, but did so
 with significant savings in research-related fees.
     About LRN
     LRN provides governance, ethics and compliance management solutions that
 inspire, reinforce and set higher standards for ethically aware, responsible
 conduct in organizations throughout the world. The company works with leading
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