Durham, N.C.- Based ShopBot Tools to Appear on 'Trading Spaces'

Ty Pennington, Carpenter for 'Trading Spaces,' Uses ShopBot CNC

Router in Filming of October 5th Episode

Sep 30, 2003, 01:00 ET from ShopBot Tools Inc.

    DURHAM, N.C., Sept. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Ty Pennington, the outrageous
 carpenter from the hit home-remodeling show, "Trading Spaces," recently filmed
 a ShopBot computer numerically controlled (CNC) router for an upcoming episode
 to be aired October 5, 2003.  He, and his camera crew, filmed the machine in
 the workshop of "Party by Design" in Boston, Mass.
     ShopBots, manufactured by ShopBot Tools, Inc. of Durham, N.C., are CNC
 robotic machines that use basic PC computers, and simple software, to design,
 cut and shape wood, stone or metal products.
     Pennington, known professionally as "Ty," used the ShopBot CNC to mill two
 walnut end tables and a set of saw horses, which he had designed, for projects
 appearing on the October 5th episode.  After using the ShopBot, he installed
 the tables at the house, in Plymouth, Mass., that will be featured on "Trading
 Spaces."  Ty appeared on camera with Chris Burns of ShopBot Tools, and the
 homeowner of the house that was being remodeled.
     "I just cannot believe the versatility of this tool.  This is awesome!"
 exclaimed Ty, as he watched his walnut tables being cut at two inches per
 second.  Ty was helped in the project by long-time ShopBot owners Bill Young
 and Dave Buschbaum who assisted in automating his ideas.  Ty is even more
 excited by the delivery of a new ShopBot PRT96 to his shop in Marietta, GA.
     About Ty Pennington:
     In addition to being a featured "carpenter about town" for "Trading
 Spaces," Ty has appeared on "Oprah," "The Today Show" and "The Sharon Osborne
 Show."  His new book, "Ty's Tricks," will arrive in stores early this fall.
 Ty owns and operates "Furniture Unlimited," a new company where he plans to
 use the ShopBot extensively in the production of his own line of furniture.
 His designs can be seen on his new websites at www.tythehandyguy.com and
     About ShopBot Tools Inc.
     ShopBot Tools Inc. of Durham, N.C., manufactures CNC cutting machines for
 industrial and personal use.  ShopBots offer high accuracy and robust
 performance typically found in the heavy production runs of large industry,
 but cost thousands of dollars less than other CNC competitors.  Starting at
 $6K, ShopBots are affordable enough for the small, mid-size and home shops.
 More than three thousand ShopBots have been sold in 45 countries around the
 world and are being used to make everything from cabinets, furniture and
 guitars to 3D relief carvings, airplane propellers and parts for the FA-18.
 For more information please visit their website: www.shopbottools.com.

SOURCE ShopBot Tools Inc.