Dwell Launches Silicon Valley NextHouse by Empyrean International LLC, at March Open House

Tours of the modern prefab residence open to the Trade March 27, and the

Public March 29-30

Mar 10, 2008, 01:00 ET from Dwell, LLC

    SAN FRANCISCO, March 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Modern prefab has arrived in
 Mountain View, CA in the form of a progressive single-family home -- the
 Dwell NextHouse by Empyrean. The home's modern aesthetic is teasing out
 issues among neighbors and fellow Mountain View residents around the
 timelessness of modern architecture and how new forms of building will be
 accepted and integrated into the community's fabric. A unique opportunity
 to tour the 2,400 sq ft prefabricated home will be available especially to
 the trade and members of the press on March 27th from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
 and to the public on March 29th and 30th from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Dwell
 invites attendees to become engaged in a dialogue about modern and prefab
 home design.
     Mark & Ellen Siminoff, Dwell NextHouse homeowners, purchased a house
 and lot in Mountain View with intentions to remodel but the high cost of
 restoration plus a desire for more space for the couple's growing family
 ultimately motivated the Siminoffs to look at a ground-up rebuild. The
 wooden prefab home they built working with Dwell and Empyrean is designed
 to accommodate natural light, solar orientation, seasonal shading from
 vegetation, prevailing wind movement and many other influences and is
 designed to contribute to passive heating and cooling. Responsibly
 harvested products were used in every application possible.
     "We were fortunate to discover the NextHouse after Ellen's business
 partner saw an article in Dwell," Mark said. "The article was about a line
 of affordable modern prefab homes that Dwell and Empyrean were working on
 together. Having grown up in a contemporary-style house in New Jersey, the
 idea of owning a modern prefab really resonated with me."
     Mark, a Senior Mechanical Engineer for the design and innovation firm
 IDEO, and Ellen, who runs her own interaction design firm, Sliced Bread
 Design, love to entertain and have a reputation for opening their doors to
 neighbors in their family-friendly community. The residence in Mountain
 View, California appeals to their modern design sensibilities and at the
 same time, provides a warm, friendly, durable environment for their infant
 and toddler.
     Working with award-winning designer Joel Turkel, the couple has
 designed imaginative, kid-friendly spaces into the flexible Dwell NextHouse
 by Empyrean floor plan. Through this home, the family is intent on
 demonstrating that modern finishes and fixtures can be both esthetically
 and functionally enduring. They would like to show their neighbors that
 great modern design is at home in an active family environment.
     Dwell has been at the forefront of the prefab home movement in the
 U.S., advocating the benefits of prefab since March 2001 when they first
 started covering prefab. In 2003 a significant prefab milestone was reached
 when Dwell introduced the first Dwell Home Design Invitational, a
 competition to design an innovative modern prefab home that resulted in the
 construction of a 2000 sq. ft. home, taxes and land in, for under $200K
 designed by NYC architectural firm Resolution 4.
     "Prefabricated design reduces construction waste significantly as most
 construction is done in the factory and many of the materials not used can
 be recycled for other projects," said Dwell President and Publisher Michela
 O'Connor Abrams. Another sustainable element involves the time to construct
 a prefab home being greatly reduced, which in-turn means fewer trips to and
 from the job site, saving fuel and energy.
     "To me, modern design as we think of it here at Empyrean is not about
 adhering to a style, but is rather just about good design, and to us, that
 is design that is responsible and responsive," said Joel Turkel, NextHouse
 Designer. "Prefab is simply a proven and sound method of ensuring those
 beliefs are upheld."
     To Tour the Dwell NextHouse by Empyrean, please visit
 http://www.Dwell.com/siliconvalley to sign up for a tour. Tours open to the
 trade on March 27th from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and to the public on March 29th
 and 30th from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.
     About Dwell:
     Dwell was created to expand perceptions of the word "home" and champion
 an aesthetic in design that is modern, idea-driven and sensitive to social
 and physical surroundings. Their inherent passion for "bringing good design
 to everyone" has added fresh dimension to what it means to be At Home in
 the Modern World. Dwell(R) and Dwell on Design (R) are registered
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