E28 Limited to Add Boingo Wireless Toolkit to Linux Smartphones

Global Wi-Fi Roaming Authentication Enhances E28's Lineup of Sleek, Powerful,

Dual-Mode Handsets With Public Broadband Options to Improve

VoIP and Streaming Media

Feb 13, 2006, 00:00 ET from Boingo Wireless Inc.

    HONG KONG and SANTA MONICA, Calif., Feb. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- E28 Limited, a
 pioneer in Linux-based smartphones, and Boingo Wireless Inc., a leading Wi-Fi
 service provider for business travelers, today announced plans to incorporate
 Boingo's Wi-Fi toolkit for handsets into E28's line of dual-mode smartphones.
     The dual-mode smartphones will include roaming authentication to Boingo's
 25,000 Wi-Fi hot spots worldwide to enhance Internet access options and
 provide high-bandwidth, low-cost alternative networks for broadband
 applications such as VoIP and streaming media.
     "As a global leader in Wi-Fi aggregation, Boingo provides us with a single
 point of integration to gain access to hundreds of Wi-Fi networks around the
 world," said Michael Chu, VP of Marketing & Chief Software Architect of
 E28 Limited.  "This is a significant value to carriers who are looking for
 dual-mode phones with global capabilities."
     "E28 is bringing to market some of the most exciting Linux-based
 smartphones in the world," said Jonathan Mendelson, director of business
 development for devices at Boingo Wireless.  "The combination of sexy handsets
 and truly global Wi-Fi roaming gives them an exceptional market offering for
 carriers that want to be leaders in providing the most important innovations
 to their customers."
     E28's current smartphone platforms support both GSM single-mode and
 GSM/Wi-Fi dual-mode with different form factors to meet different market
 segments' needs, such as flip phones, sliding phones, candy bars with or
 without key pad, and PDA phones.  Compared to other dual-mode phones currently
 in the market, E28 has brought consumers the most attractive dual-mode
 solutions that include the full range of important features of today's
 single-mode devices in terms of system stability, ease-of-use, long
 talk/standby time, size, weight, cost and attractive form factors.
     The E28 dual-mode phones can deliver at least three hours of talk time (on
 either Wi-Fi VoIP or GSM) and 100 hours of standby time. The phones also
 feature a full complement of multimedia capabilities including a 2.0 megapixel
 camera, video recording and playback on a 2.2 inch QVGA display (LCM),
 MP3 player, picture address book, PIM functionality, SMS and MMS, web browser
 (HTML and WAP 2.0), J2ME, email (POP, SMTP, eSMTP) and a T-flash external
 memory slot.
     Boingo's Wi-Fi toolkit for handsets is a small footprint application that
 closely integrates with the platform's Wi-Fi hardware, providing complete
 connection management and commercial roaming authentication functionality.
 Carriers who want to use Wi-Fi access as an add-on to service can remotely
 provision it, or it can be bundled with core services.  Boingo's
 authentication and provisioning services allow users to enter a commercial hot
 spot in hotels, airports, convention centers, truck stops, and retail stores
 around the world, and seamlessly access the Boingo Roaming Network with no
 need for configuration of SSIDs or other arcane network setup.
     About E28 Limited
     E28 Limited is a World leading smart information device solution provider
 with headquarter in Shanghai of China.  It provides Linux mobile smart
 information device solutions to mobile manufacturers, operators and network
 partners flexibly from a PCB board level to the total device solution level.
 E28 provides solutions with customized formats according to customers' needs
 which including hardware, software & user interface.  It has R&D center in
 both Shanghai & Hongkong with offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong & Chicago.
 E28 Limited recently has just commercialized a most practical GSM/Wi-Fi
 Dual-Mode Smartphone to contribute to the FMC society. E28 Limited is also a
 member of MobileIGNITE, the world's leading industry association fostering
 collaboration to accelerate FMC.  E28 limited is one of the major movers of
 mobile Linux OS, mobile VoIP and FMC. E28 limited claimed that all their
 future smartphone platforms are Wi-Fi enabled with more attractive form
 factors.  For more information about E28 and its subsidiaries, visit
     About Boingo Wireless
     Boingo Wireless, Inc. is an ultra-high-speed wireless Internet service
 available in tens of thousands of locations such as hotels, airports, cafes
 and other public places in dozens of countries throughout the world. The
 Boingo Roaming System comprises hundreds of Wi-Fi network operators, which are
 accessible through Boingo's connection software for laptops, PDAs, dual-mode
 phones and other embedded devices.  The software -- available in SDK and white
 label GUI versions -- makes finding and connecting to Wi-Fi networks
 point-and-click simple, improving productivity for people on the go by
 enabling their device of choice for Wi-Fi roaming authentication. With the
 largest aggregated Wi-Fi network in the world, coupled with best-in-class
 software solutions for both laptops and portable devices, Boingo helps
 carriers and ISPs keep their customers connected with a high-quality broadband
 wireless connection. More information about Boingo is available at
     Boingo is a registered trademark of Boingo Wireless, Inc.
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