Eagle Forum Rejects Feminists' Attempt to Institute Government Wage Control

Sep 16, 2008, 01:00 ET from Eagle Forum

    WASHINGTON, Sept. 16 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Eagle Forum, a leading
 pro-family organization founded by Phyllis Schlafly, author of Feminist
 Fantasies, condemns the feminists' renewed efforts to enact government wage
 controls through the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and the Paycheck Fairness
 Act. Today, in a press conference held at the National Press Club in
 Washington, D.C., Feminist Majority president Eleanor Smeal and National
 Organization of Women (NOW) president Kim Gandy announced their endorsement
 of Senator Barack Obama (D-IL). They also took the opportunity to praise
 Obama for his commitment to "closing the gender pay gap" and for his
 co-sponsorship of both "pay equity" bills.
     "The feminists support these pieces of legislation because they want
 Washington bureaucrats, rather than the free market, to unfairly raise the
 wages of jobs held mostly by females and freeze the wages of jobs held
 mostly by men," said Eagle Forum president and founder Phyllis Schlafly.
 "Degrees in education or women's studies or sociology simply do not earn
 the same pay as degrees in engineering or science or finance, yet more
 women persist in choosing the former and more men the latter."
     "They advocate the silly notion that the so-called pay gap is created
 by a conspiracy of male chauvinists and that women only make about 77 cents
 on the dollar compared to men," said Schlafly. "That statistic includes
 women like me who spent 25 years raising my children without any income and
 therefore will never reach the pay level of similarly qualified men or
 women who spend those years in the workforce. The statistic does not
 indicate inequality, but differences in workforce participation.
     "We believe in equal pay for equal work, and that has been the law of
 our land since the Equal Pay Act of 1963. People who work more hours, or
 work at more difficult, unpleasant or risky jobs, earn more and they
 should," Schalfly said. "'Pay equity' is nothing more than warped feminist
 ideology and it has been rejected by almost all U.S. legislatures and
 courts that have considered it for that very reason."
     The feminist groups that attended the press conference, which also
 included the National Federation of Business and Professional Women's
 Clubs, Inc. and the National Association of Social Workers, applauded the
 inclusion of the Equal Rights Amendment language in the 2008 Democratic
 platform and hailed Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) for his work in advancing
 feminist pork legislation, such as the International Violence Against Women
 Act (I-VAWA). They also made clear their contempt for pro-life Governor
 Sarah Palin.
     "Not only did the feminists invent the code words 'comparable worth'
 and 'pay equity' decades ago, but they also invented the imaginary 'glass
 ceiling,' which many women have shattered, including Speaker of the House
 Nancy Pelosi, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and of course, Sen.
 McCain's running mate, Governor Sarah Palin," concluded Schlafly. "The
 feminists can't stand it when conservative women are successful. Today,
 they simply reaffirmed what we already know, that feminists do not stand
 for all women, only liberal women."
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 Phyllis Schlafly, please contact our St. Louis office at 314-721-1213.

SOURCE Eagle Forum