EarthLink Selects Manufacturer for its Wi-Fi Phone Service Initiative

Anaheim Municipal Wireless Network Site for Wi-Fi Phone Beta Testing

Mar 20, 2007, 01:00 ET from EarthLink

    ATLANTA, March 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- EarthLink (Nasdaq:   ELNK)
 has selected Accton Technology Corporation (TAIEX: 2345), a global premier
 provider of networking and communications equipment, to manufacture
 handsets for the company's Wi-Fi phone initiative. EarthLink Wi-Fi phones
 will allow consumers to save money by making high-quality phone calls over
 the Internet using a wireless handset. EarthLink is beta testing phones on
 the company's municipal wireless network in Anaheim, Calif.
     "What separates our Wi-Fi phone from others is its ability to work over
 EarthLink's municipal Wi-Fi networks," said Steve Howe, EarthLink's senior
 vice president of voice. "This means that EarthLink is now bringing cheap
 phone calls using the Internet to the world of mobile -- a major
 breakthrough. We expect that many people who use cell phones today in our
 municipal Wi-Fi markets will want to switch to a Wi-Fi phone to take
 advantage of the significant cost savings." He added that EarthLink's Wi-Fi
 phones round-out the company's full suite of Internet voice products, which
 also include trueVoice, a low-cost telephone service, and DSL and Home
 Phone Service, which combines low-cost phone service with ultra-fast high
 speed Internet.
     "We are very pleased to partner with EarthLink," said Ken Lu, president
 of Accton Technology. "Providing Accton's SIP-based Wi-Fi phone to
 EarthLink proves that Accton's VoIP design and manufacturing quality meets
 different next-generation voice service standards and provides the great
 cost saving to consumers."
     EarthLink Wi-Fi phones will allow consumers to make Internet phone
 calls from a wireless handset to any traditional landline, cell phone or
 VoIP phone. The handsets will work directly on EarthLink's municipal
 wireless networks and can also connect via a wireless router attached to
 the user's wired home broadband network. Service and the phone handset will
 be free during the Anaheim beta test. Anticipated price plans for the
 consumer roll-out after the beta test include:
     -- $14.95 a month for 500 anytime outbound domestic minutes, and free,
        unlimited inbound minutes.
     -- $24.95 for unlimited domestic minutes.
     -- $100 one-time charge for equipment, including the Wi-Fi phone handset
        and a cradle that functions as a charger and a Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g router
        inside the home.
     EarthLink will provide consumers with a complete Wi-Fi phone solution
 for an easy and smooth installation. EarthLink's Wi-Fi phone package comes
 with a handset and a cradle that acts a charger as well as an indoor Wi-Fi
 802.11 b/g router. The cradle is plugged into a power source and a
 broadband Ethernet connection. When consumers are in the coverage area of
 the cradle or any EarthLink municipal wireless network, the phone will
 automatically be connected to EarthLink's voice network.
     Customers in the Anaheim area who wish to participate in the beta can
 sign up by calling 1-800-352-7650.
     Wi-Fi phones are the newest product offering from the EarthLink Voice
 team. Other products in the company's suite of Internet voice services
 include EarthLink trueVoice, an ATA-based, low-cost telephone service that
 enables high-quality local and long-distance calling via any high-speed
 Internet service, and EarthLink DSL and Home Phone Service, which combines
 convenient, low-cost telephone service with up to 8.0 mbps of ultra-fast
 high-speed Internet all on one bill. EarthLink DSL and Home Phone Service
 is a line- powered VoIP service, which mean calls are made using a
 traditional telephone handset with no special equipment needed.
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     About Accton Technology Corporation
     Accton Technology Corporation (TAIEX: 2345) is a global premier
 provider of networking and communications solutions for top tier
 networking, computer, and telecommunications vendors. Leveraging its
 advanced software applications and state-of-the-art ASIC, Accton
 collaborates with its strategic partners to design, develop and manufacture
 innovative, leading-edge technologies. The company's constantly-evolving
 core technology, highly-qualified employees and aggressive cost engineering
 make it possible for Accton to deliver superior products that are as
 affordable as they are robust. For more information about Accton and its
 subsidiaries, visit

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