Edison Pharma Hits Milestone as A0001 Enters Phase 1 Clinical Development

Targeting inherited mitochondrial diseases as an archetype for diseases of


Jul 15, 2008, 01:00 ET from Edison Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

    SAN JOSE, Calif., July 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Edison Pharmaceuticals, Inc.,
 a privately held biotechnology company located in San Jose, CA, announced
 today that EPI-A0001 (A0001) has entered clinical development, triggering a
 milestone payment from Penwest Pharmaceuticals, Edison's development
 partner. Penwest has begun dosing in a Phase 1a clinical trial of A0001, a
 2nd generation coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) analog. It differs from CoQ10 in that
 it possesses more favorable oral absorption and electron transfer
     CoQ10 is a first-line therapy for many rare diseases of energy
 metabolism. Efforts to improve CoQ10 have centered on improving its oral
 absorption properties. Edison's focus is on building next-generation CoQ10
 analogs through improving its electron transfer, otherwise known as redox,
 properties. Edison is a leader in the design and development of redox
     Edison's initial therapeutic focus is on rare inherited mitochondrial
 diseases. Today, there are no FDA- approved treatments for these diseases.
 CoQ10, and closely related analogs, have been deployed with real, but
 limited clinical results. Edison's strategy is to improve upon CoQ10's
 biological activity by optimizing its redox properties. A0001 is the first
 redox-optimized CoQ10 analog in Edison's clinical development pipeline.
     Edison's technical focus is on redox drugs targeting metabolic control
 and energy metabolism. Children with inherited mitochondrial defects
 clinically present with many conditions commonly associated with aging.
 Edison believes that inherited mitochondrial diseases may be genetic
 roadmaps to deciphering the biochemical basis of metabolic control and
 aging. Given CoQ10's known role in mitochondrial disease and aging, as well
 as its redox activity, Edison's initial investigations are focusing on the
 development of CoQ10 based drugs.
     "Today we have reached a key milestone in transforming Edison from a
 discovery to development-stage company," stated Guy Miller, M.D., Ph.D.,
 Chairman and CEO of Edison. "A0001's entry into Phase 1 is the first step
 in validating Edison's platform and providing needed therapies for patients
 suffering from rare mitochondrial diseases. As we look toward the future,
 we expect to focus our energies on refining our approach to treating rare
 mitochondrial diseases, and expanding our investigation of redox drugs for
 the treatment of diseases of aging."
     About Edison Pharmaceuticals
     Edison Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a biotechnology company based in
 Silicon Valley California at the San Jose Biocenter with a specialized
 knowledge in redox biochemistry and drug design. The company is focused on
 developing drugs for rare mitochondrial diseases that impair energy
 metabolism, for which there are no FDA-approved treatments. Edison is
 leveraging its skills in redox biology and chemistry, and data obtained in
 its inherited mitochondrial disease programs, to discover new therapeutics
 for diseases commonly associated with aging.

SOURCE Edison Pharmaceuticals, Inc.