EDN Adds Six New Departments and Launches New Web Site, Reinforcing Its Commitment to the Design and Development Community

Jun 07, 2005, 01:00 ET from Reed Business Information

    BOSTON, June 7 /PRNewswire/ -- After careful examination of its product
 offering and the needs of its audience of electrical engineers, EDN has made
 modifications to its print publication and Web site to reflect a more
 organized and expansive approach to its coverage.
     Although its mainstay technical features and Design Ideas will continue
 forming the core of the magazine, EDN has added regular departments that
 examine, dissect, and celebrate innovation. At the same time, both the print
 publication and EDN.com will assume a cleaner and sharper look that makes
 content easier to find and consume.
     "We've preserved more than we've added. Through focus groups, reader
 surveys, close monitoring of Web-site traffic, and conversations with members
 of our editorial advisory board, the number one goal of this redesign is
 maintaining our rock-solid reputation as the leader in deeply technical design
 content," states Editor in Chief John Dodge.
     Associate Publisher John Schirmer adds, "The engineering audience has come
 to depend on EDN for its insight and content. As a result, the marketing
 community has come to depend on EDN to present the right message to the right
 audience at the right time. EDN remains the best platform for marketers to
 reach design engineers and managers because of its focus on their evolving
     The bottom line is that EDN and EDN.com will continue to evolve to meet
 the needs of engineers both online and in print, maintaining its commitment to
 providing engineers with the vital resources they need to make complicated
 decisions at each stage of the product-design and -development cycle.
      *  Greater coverage of global trends and technologies by EDN's worldwide
      *  More robust content and more vibrant online coverage
      *  Continued commitment to in-depth, technical articles from its staff of
         electronics engineers
      *  More quotations and perspectives directly from designers, as well as a
         greater platform for engineers to share ideas and opinions with peers
      *  EDN's new tagline, "Voice of the Engineer," expresses a goal of adding
         more insight, information, and commentary directly from designers.
      *  "Pulse" -- formerly, "Leading Edge" -- reflects a faster moving, more
         global design industry. Three new departments will run within the new
         Pulse section:
            1.  "Q&A" (every other issue) highlights and interviews an engineer
                who has made significant technical contributions. The first
                Q&A recognizes the accomplishments of Francis J Madden, who
                just won the Charles Stark Draper award for his work in
                high-resolution satellite imagery.
            2.  "Global Designer" (every other issue) explores design trends
                and technologies from around the world. EDN editors and
                correspondents in the Asia Pacific region, Australia, Europe,
                and North America will provide the content, which reflects
                EDN's global footprint.
            3.  "Research Update" (every other issue) assesses significant
                developments in campus or company labs that affect, impress, or
                simply inspire designers.
      *  The new "Prying Eyes" section scrutinizes a product or technology.
         EDN's technical editors will peer deep inside hot consumer,
         communications, or computer products, or will explore how a technology
      *  "Tales from the Cube" (every other issue beginning June 23) provides a
         forum for engineers to describe their most trying design experiences.
      *  "Reality Check" (every issue's last inside page) will look briefly at
         a recent innovation, the expectations it engendered, and where it
         actually stands today.
      *  EDN.com has new look and feel. The site has been re-engineered to be
         clean and simple, and as quick to navigate as possible and still
         offers an enormous amount of technical content.
     About EDN
     Reed Business Information publishes EDN, "the voice of the engineer." From
 its headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts, EDN serves the vital information
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 franchise includes EDN, EDN Europe, EDN Asia, EDN Australia, EDN China, EDN
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