EEMBC Selects Sun Microsystems' Terrence Barr as Java Subcommittee Chairman

May 15, 2006, 01:00 ET from EEMBC

    EL DORADO HILLS, Calif., May 15 /PRNewswire/ -- The Embedded
 Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC) today announced that Terrence
 Barr of Sun Microsystems has been elected chairman of EEMBC's Java
     Mr. Barr is senior staff engineer in the Mobile and Embedded Platforms
 Group at Sun. In his role as EEMBC Java Subcommittee chair, he will be
 driving development of the next version of GrinderBench(TM), EEMBC's Java
 ME benchmark suite, while continuing to promote the adoption of
 GrinderBench Version 1.0.
     "Terrence's experience superbly qualifies him to lead EEMBC's efforts
 to make GrinderBench Version 2.0 a well-designed and relevant benchmark
 that will clearly address the needs of a broad range of users," said Markus
 Levy, EEMBC president. "His experience likewise makes him the ideal person
 to lead EEMBC's outreach to the Java ME developer community as we begin our
 search for new and interesting benchmark content for GrinderBench Version
     EEMBC's GrinderBench benchmarks address the needs of a wide variety of
 users, including system designers, service providers, content providers for
 Java applications, and suppliers of microprocessors, operating systems, and
 Java virtual machines. GrinderBench Version 1.0 includes kernels that test
 the performance of such Java-enabled applications as games, cryptography,
 XML parsing, and PNG image decoding. Using GrinderBench, designers can
 profile and directly observe the workload of the benchmarks and identify
 specific strengths and weaknesses in Java implementations for mobile
 phones, set-top boxes, in-car entertainment systems, and other
 Java-equipped products.
     Mr. Barr has 15 years' experience as a software engineer and architect
 and has spent the past eight years at Sun. An author or co-author of eight
 patent applications, he's currently focusing his work on Java Micro
 Edition(TM) performance, architectures, and standards.
     "I am looking forward to maintaining and strengthening my relationships
 within the embedded and mobile spaces to increase the visibility and value
 of EEMBC," Mr. Barr said. "As Java ME extends its lead as the dominant
 mobile platform, GrinderBench becomes an increasingly important tool for
 all stakeholders in the mobile ecosystem. My focus is on taking
 GrinderBench to the next level and expanding its reach as the
 comprehensive, neutral, and easy-to-use tool of choice. Stay tuned for
 interesting developments in the near future."
     Mr. Barr is co-author of the JSR 246 client device management standard,
 a member of the OMA Device Management Working group, and co-creator and
 member of the ANSI VITA 19 standard working group. A frequent speaker at
 technical conferences, including JavaOne 2005, he holds a Bachelor of
 Science in computer science from Fachhochschule Muenchen, the Munich
 University of Applied Sciences.
     EEMBC invites any manufacturer that has an interest in using
 GrinderBench benchmark results for marketing and competitive purposes, or
 wishes to participate in benchmark definition and development activities,
 to become a member of the EEMBC board of directors or its Java
 Subcommittee. Members of the EEMBC board of directors obtain access to all
 EEMBC benchmark software, while members of individual subcommittees have
 access to the source code and voting rights on the suites developed by the
 subcommittees of which they are members.
     About EEMBC
     EEMBC, the Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium, develops and
 certifies real-world benchmarks and benchmark scores to help designers
 select the right embedded processors for their systems. Every processor
 submitted for EEMBC benchmarking is tested for parameters representing
 different workloads and capabilities in communications, networking,
 consumer, office automation, automotive/industrial, embedded Java, and
 network storage-related applications. With members including leading
 semiconductor, intellectual property, and compiler companies, EEMBC
 establishes benchmark standards and provides certified benchmarking results
 through the EEMBC Technical Center.
     EEMBC's members include Adaptec, Altera, AMCC, AMD, Analog Devices, ARC
 International, ARM, Artifex Software, Atmel, Broadcom, Code Sourcery,
 esmertec, Faraday, Freescale Semiconductor, Fujitsu Microelectronics, Green
 Hills Software, IAR Systems, IBM, Imagination Technologies, Improv Systems,
 Infineon Technologies, Intel, IPFlex, LSI Logic, Marvell Semiconductor,
 Matsushita Electric Industrial, Mentor Graphics, Microchip Technology, MIPS
 Technologies, MQX Embedded, National Instruments, NEC Electronics, Nokia,
 Oki Electric Industry, Patriot Scientific, Philips Semiconductors,
 PMC-Sierra, Qualcomm, Red Hat, Renesas Technology, Sandbridge Technologies,
 Sony Computer Entertainment, STMicroelectronics, Stretch, Sun Microsystems,
 Tensilica, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, VIA Technologies, and Wind River
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