EEMBC Unveils Certified Performance + Energy Benchmark Scores for IBM's PowerPC(R) 750CL Power Architecture(TM) Processor

Mar 14, 2007, 01:00 ET from EEMBC

    EL DORADO HILLS, Calif., March 14 /PRNewswire/ -- New certified
 benchmark scores published today for IBM's PowerPC(R) 750CL are the
 broadest application to date for EEMBC's EnergyBench(TM) power/energy
 benchmark tool, providing extensive data on the "cost" of processor
 performance for the 750CL across several distinct application areas.
     The 800-MHz PowerPC 750CL, part of IBM's Power Architecture(TM)
 technology line of embedded processors, was simultaneously tested against
 EnergyBench and five EEMBC(R) processor benchmark suites that approximate
 device performance in automotive, digital imaging, digital entertainment,
 networking, office automation, and telecom applications. The combination of
 tests yields data on performance as well as indicating how much energy is
 required to run the performance benchmarks. The EnergyBench results for
 each test are expressed in joules per iteration and average watts of power
     The Green Hills Software MULTI 4.2.3 compiler was used for all of the
 tests, which were performed in an out-of-the-box environment on production
     "With the public release of these certified performance and energy
 scores, IBM is the first EEMBC member to fully exploit the benefits of the
 industry-standard procedure established by EEMBC. It is impossible to
 exaggerate the wealth of information that these fine-grained benchmarks
 provide to guide engineers in understanding device capabilities," said
 Markus Levy, EEMBC president. "The results for the PowerPC 750CL will
 likely serve not only to make users of this particular device more informed
 with respect to power/performance tradeoffs; they should also inspire
 demand for more EnergyBench scores for a wide range of embedded
     The IBM PowerPC 750CL RISC microprocessor is a 32-bit implementation of
 the IBM PowerPC family and operates at speeds from 400 MHz to 1 GHz. The
 750CL includes a 256KB L2 cache and is targeted at networking, storage,
 imaging, consumer electronic, and other high-performance embedded
     "IBM realizes that its customers are placing an ever-increasing
 importance on low power consumption, and the PowerPC 750CL processor is
 designed to address those concerns," said Ron Martino, director of Power
 Architecture solutions, IBM Global Engineering Solutions. "The Energymarks
 from EEMBC are an important addition to performance marks and will enable
 our customers to see that the 750CL combines high performance with low
 power consumption."
     Complete details of the EEMBC performance and EnergyBench scores for
 the IBM 750CL are available for free at or direct from the
 following links:
     ConsumerBench(TM) Digital Imaging + EnergyBench scores
 rti ficationType=OUT
     DENBench(TM) Digital Entertainment + EnergyBench scores
 rti ficationType=OUT
     Networking Version 2.0 + EnergyBench scores
 rti ficationType=OUT
     OABench(TM) Office Automation + EnergyBench scores
 rti ficationType=OUT
     TeleBench(TM) Telecommunications + EnergyBench scores
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