EHE International Supports the American Liver Foundation's Efforts at Raising Awareness for Hepatitis

Naomi Judd Provides an Exclusive Interview with ALF Regarding Her Battle

with Hepatitis C

Jan 09, 2008, 00:00 ET from American Liver Foundation

    NEW YORK, Jan. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- The American Liver Foundation (ALF),
 the nation's only not-for-profit dedicated to advocating on behalf of
 Americans with liver disease, is proud announce that it has united with EHE
 International (EHE), to raise the public's awareness of liver disease,
 including hepatitis C. To help spread the word about ALF's work, EHE has
 donated its 115 square foot display window at 10 Rockefeller Plaza to ALF
 for the month of January.
     Hepatitis C is the most common blood borne virus in the United States
 affecting more than 4 million Americans. Country singer Naomi Judd is one
 American who has been touched by hepatitis C, who has become an outspoken
 advocate for people living with the virus.
     "I say that I will never be free of hepatitis C as long as somebody
 else out there is suffering. I still make visits to hospitals and to folks
 who are, God bless them, on the transplant list," said Ms. Judd. "I
 survived this disease and this is how I did it. I took my drugs. I listened
 to my doctors and I did the things that the ALF tells us to do."
     "Most people exhibit few or no symptoms of hepatitis C, and when
 symptoms do appear, it is only after the disease has progressed. EHE
 believes that it is critical for the healthcare industry to get behind
 education campaigns geared toward the prevention and treatment of hepatitis
 C," said Deborah McKeever, president of EHE. "Although there are
 preventative vaccines for hepatitis A and B, none exists for hepatitis C,
 therefore prevention is key." We hope that everyone who passes through
 Rockefeller Center this month will learn from the display and will visit
 their primary care physician for a check of their liver."
     The display features signs filled with important liver health facts and
 a mannequin showing the placement and size of the liver. In the center of
 the window, a monitor continually runs closed-captioned versions of ALF's
 exclusive interview with Naomi Judd as well as a quiz allowing passer-bys
 to gauge their knowledge of hepatitis C.
     "We want to thank EHE for generously donating their display window for
 us to raise awareness of this common and potentially fatal virus," said
 Rick Smith, the CEO of the American Liver Foundation. "Our display will
 help us spread our message to the thousands of people who walk through
 Rockefeller Center each day."
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     About the American Liver Foundation:
     The American Liver Foundation is the nation's leading nonprofit
 organization promoting liver health and disease prevention. ALF provides
 research, education and advocacy for those affected by liver-related
 diseases including hepatitis. Please visit the American Liver Foundation's
 Web site at

SOURCE American Liver Foundation