Elected Officials Across U.S. See Illegal Immigration as 'Very Serious' Problem


Oct 05, 2007, 01:00 ET from Negative Population Growth

    ALEXANDRIA, Va., Oct. 5 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A nationwide survey
 of thousands of local and state leaders conducted by Negative Population
 Growth found that almost 90% of elected officials rated America's current
 illegal immigration problem as "Very Serious" or "Somewhat Serious." In
 addition, 54% of respondents reported that illegal immigration is
 "negatively impacting" or "somewhat impacting" the jurisdiction they
 represent. The survey was mailed this summer to 12,000 current state
 legislators, county officials, mayors and city council members.
     In releasing the survey results NPG President Don Mann noted that while
 only Congress can set America's immigration policy, state, county and city
 leaders must deal directly with the costs of illegal immigrants who
 overburden local schools and social services.
     Mann welcomed the survey findings by stating, "These survey results
 clearly show that all of us fighting today's tidal wave of illegal
 immigration and explosive population growth have a strong base of support
 among those in position to put pressure on Congress to tackle America's
 immigration crisis before it does even more economic, social and
 environmental damage."
     Other survey findings on immigration and population questions include:
     -- More than 70% of those polled indicated they were "very concerned" or
        "somewhat concerned" that current population growth is putting
        increased financial pressure on the cities and communities they
     -- When asked what areas most concern them when it comes to the
        environmental impact of population growth in their jurisdiction, the
        three most common answers were: increased demands on limited water
        supplies, the loss of open space, and increased air and water
     -- Approximately half of the elected leaders -- especially state
        legislators -- reported they had sponsored legislation aimed at
        protecting threatened farms, wetlands and forests from encroaching
     Mann concluded, "This survey is a prelude to NPG's efforts to get our
 nation's leaders to join us in lobbying Congress to create a new U.S.
 Commission on Population Growth that will help steer our nation toward a
 sensible, livable and sustainable future."
     Negative Population Growth is a national nonprofit organization,
 founded in 1972 that has served as a network of tens of thousands of
 citizens who work together to educate the American public and political
 leaders about the catastrophic effects of overpopulation on our environment
 and quality of life.

SOURCE Negative Population Growth