Electric Rain's New Harmony Application Lets Designers Use Flash Content in Windows Presentation Foundation and Silverlight

From the MIX07 Conference at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, April 30-May

2, 2007

Apr 30, 2007, 01:00 ET from Electric Rain

    LAS VEGAS, Microsoft MIX07, April 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Electric Rain(R)
 is bringing new life to Adobe(R) Flash files within the Microsoft(R)
 Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Silverlight platforms with the
 introduction of Harmony(TM), the first commercial application for
 Flash-to-XAML content conversions.
     Electric Rain Harmony provides designers and developers with a fast and
 easy way to convert existing Flash SWF files (graphics and simple
 animations) into Microsoft-based XAML mark-up for immediate use in the
 Microsoft WFP and Silverlight (formally WPF/E) platforms.
     "Harmony puts designers and developers on a faster track to building
 rich and compelling WPF and Silverlight applications," said Mike Soucie,
 Electric Rain CEO. "There is no denying that companies and design agencies
 have built up many years of Flash assets, including banner ads and Web
 animations. Harmony lets them quickly and easily convert this important
 content into XAML mark-up that is WPF and Silverlight friendly -- erasing
 the need to recreate assets from scratch."
     Harmony not only eases the pain of repurposing Flash assets into XAML,
 it also helps designers learn the XAML syntax and mark-up structure by
 illustrating how graphics and animations are translated from the popular
 Flash SWF format into the new XAML format. By deconstructing how XAML
 mark-up builds, displays, and plays animations in context to Flash, Harmony
 accelerates the understanding and learning surrounding XAML and WPF
 graphics and animations.
     In addition, since Harmony exports to both WPF-based XAML, as well as
 to Microsoft's new Silverlight XAML mark-up, it serves as a single
 translation solution for use on the desktop or Web platform, leveraging WPF
 or Silverlight respectively. Harmony's powerful XAML export capabilities
 make it a natural fit for converting assets to be incorporated into other
 XAML tools like Microsoft Expression Blend.
     Harmony v1.0 goes beyond frame-by-frame conversion by converting
 complete Flash SWF files focused on graphical shape definitions and simple
 animations into native XAML animations. Note that Harmony does not convert
 Flash ActionScript code.*
     Harmony's Availability
     Electric Rain's Harmony will be available in summer 2007 and will be
 sold directly through Electric Rain at www.erain.com.
     About Electric Rain
     Electric Rain is a Boulder, Colorado-based software company with a
 vision of bringing easy-to-use multimedia creation and editing tools to
 business and design professionals. Electric Rain has become the
 industry-leading developer of 3D Macromedia (now Adobe) Flash solutions,
 selling over 65,000 units of its flagship product Swift 3D, now in version
 4.5. Electric Rain's partners include Adobe, Macromedia, Alias (now
 Autodesk), and most recently Microsoft, as an elite Technology Adoption
 Partner (TAP) for developing new Windows Vista (.NET 3.0 based)
 applications. For more information, please visit: www.erain.com
     All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their
 registered owners.
     Editor's note: Photos are available on request and at Electric Rain's
 Web site: www.erain.com.
     * With Harmony v1.0, there may be limited support for animations that
 rely on ActionScript to run, and there may be support for button
 interaction such as rollover state. There will not be support for any
 interactivity contained within the original SWF file that relies on
 ActionScript to execute any behaviors, such as jumping to frames, loading
 movie clips, etc. As such, Harmony v1.0 will be most effectively used in
 converting simple SWF files that contain graphics and frame-based
 animations to the XAML format.

SOURCE Electric Rain