electronica 2006 Finalizes Program Highlights

Theme Focuses on Key Applications in Automotive, Wireless, Embedded Systems

& Nanotechnology

Jun 13, 2006, 01:00 ET from MMI

    NEW YORK, June 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Messe Muenchen International (MMI,
 Munich Trade Fairs International), organizer of electronica 2006, today
 announced electronica's 2006 theme and final program. The tradeshow and
 conference will be held at the New Munich Trade Fair Center from November
 14-17. electronica 2006 will occupy a total of 14 exhibition halls, where
 more than 3,000 exhibitors will demonstrate their products and services.
 MMI expects over 75,000 visitors.
     electronica 2006's focus will be on key applications in automotive
 electronics, wireless technology and the all-new MicroNanoWorld Hall where
 the focus will be nanotechnology. For the third time, Embedded Systems
 joins electronica as both an exhibition and a full-program conference.
     According to Klaus Dittrich, Managing Director of Messe Muenchen
 International, "What has always set electronica apart from other tradeshows
 is the scale and scope of the exhibits. I believe electronica is the only
 electronics tradeshow to genuinely offer the visitor the very latest
 developments in every sector of the industry. At no other tradeshow can
 visitors see such a concentration of semiconductor manufacturers, power
 supply companies and interconnection specialists, not to mention displays
 manufacturers, test and measurement companies and the leading suppliers in
 every other sector. In addition to this, we have special areas devoted to
 emerging technologies and key applications."
     Key Application Areas
     electronica 2006 will have key application areas in automotive
 innovation, wireless communications, embedded systems and micro- or
 nanotechnology. These specialist areas will combine exhibits alongside a
 platform for speaker presentations to provide visitors with a clear insight
 into the latest developments in their chosen area of interest.
     In addition to the Automotive Technology exhibition within electronica,
 the electronica automotive conference, held on November 13 to 15, will be
 co-located at the International Congress Center Munich ICM. Car
 manufacturers, their suppliers and component manufacturers from
 international companies will present the latest developments in automotive
 electronics as well as their visions.
     In conjunction with the Wireless Communications User Forum (hall A4) at
 electronica, The Wireless Conference will be held November 15 and 16. It
 will focus on all technical aspects of current and future wireless
 technologies -- primarily for industrial use -- and will also offer an
 insight into today's applications, security questions, certification and
 approval problems, test & measurement, standards and market opportunities.
     The Embedded Systems exhibition has been expanded for this year's
 electronica. Exhibitors will be placing particular emphasis on the
 presentation of their versatile software solutions in hall A6. Other
 exhibitors will be covering risk management, quality, reusability of
 hardware/software IP, and outsourcing strategies in the development
 process. The Embedded Systems exhibition will be held in the same hall as
 the Automotive Application Area -- one of the industry's largest users of
 embedded technology.
     In addition to the Embedded Systems exhibition, the Embedded Conference
 Munich, will be held on November 14 and 15 in the adjacent conference
 center, and will offer a program aimed directly at embedded developers. The
 main topics are embedded software engineering, embedded test and
 verification, small embedded systems (8 and 16 bit) and complex embedded
     MicroNanoWorld in hall A2, an area for micro- or nanotechnology is new
 for electronica 2006. New micro- and nanotechnologies will be presented
 among other applications from the areas of MEMS sensors, RF-MEMS/wireless,
 optical MEMS, bio MEMS, NMEMS, packaging for MEMS and Microsystems. Sensor
 technology and servo-technology and drive elements which are closely linked
 to microtechnology will also be located in this hall.
     The electronica 2006 Trade Show Sponsors the "System on Chip Design
 Award for Industrial & Automotive Applications"
     To recognize the greatest achievement in system-on-chip design in the
 European electronics industry, electronica will be awarding the "System on
 Chip Design Award for Industrial & Automotive Applications" on November 15,
 2006. The award, which underscores the trade show's focus on electronics
 applications, will be presented within the framework of the ELEKTRA 06
 European Industry Awards. Entries for the award will be accepted until June
 23, 2006. The presentation ceremony will be held in the Arabella Sheraton
 Grand Hotel in Munich, Germany.
     Full details are available at www.electronica.de.
     A version of this press release and photographic material on
 electronica are available on the Internet at: www.electronica.de/presse.
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