EmailXtender Dramatically Speeds Virus Recovery for OTG Customers

EmailXtender Helps Purge Viruses Like Nimda, SirCam, and ILoveYou

Sep 24, 2001, 01:00 ET from OTG Software, Inc.

    ROCKVILLE, Md., Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- The financial impact of computer
 viruses in terms of both clean-up costs and lost productivity is escalating
 rapidly.  Even before the Nimda virus surfaced last week, analysts were
 estimating that viruses had already caused in excess of $10B in damage this
 year.  In order to help email administrators minimize the damage caused by
 these viruses and recover more rapidly, OTG Software, Inc. (Nasdaq:   OTGS), a
 leading provider of online data storage, data access and email management
 solutions, is highlighting how its customers are minimizing the financial and
 business impact of viruses by using its EmailXtender(TM) product, and
 specifically the EmailXtract(TM) component.
     For example, Davenport & Company LLC had recently been hit by ILoveYou
 variants that propagated inside its firewall.  Using EmailXtract, the company
 was able to purge the viruses from the system within an hour -- returning the
 system to full productivity.  In addition, since EmailXtract purged the entire
 message, rather than just stripping the virus infected attachment, users were
 not concerned about ongoing infection from the virus.
     "I was impressed with how quickly EmailXtract found and purged the
 infected messages letting me get back on-line within 30-45 minutes, versus the
 4-5 hours it took with another pra protection strategy, enterprises need a multi-prong approach to help
 ensure that they can protect their essential business daaccess strategies, EmailXtender is rapidly gaining acceptance from both
 end-users and our worldwide channel partners," said Richard Kay, President and
 CEO, OTG Software.  "We continue to support our channel by providing these
 types of value-add solutiontrators to precisely scrutinize the
 content of messages and attachments so they can quickly identify and eliminate
 infected messages, minimizing the impact of a virus infection.  When the
 system is under attack, administrators can monitor the system to eliminate
 infected messages before they can reach end-user desktops and cause further
 damage.  In addition, this same feature can be used to eliminate spam and
 other junk mail, as well as email that contains inappropriate or objectionable
     "Computer viruses are becoming more prevalent and virulent, and will
 continue to find ways around traditional firewall protections," says David
 Druker, Consulting Research Analyst, at Ferris Research.  "Enterprises should
 seek solutions like OTG's EmailXtender, that help them recover and quickly
 return to full productivity."
     For more information about how EmailXtender can improve your overall data
 protection strategy, contact OTG at 800-324-4222 or .
     About OTG Software
     OTG Software provides next-generation data management and collaboration
 solutions that virtualize storage for any type of data, including files,
 messages and databases, while providing easy and transparent access.  OTG's
 application-oriented approach supports all platforms with open architecture
 solutions that scale from the department to the enterprise, and integrate
 seamlessly to store, track and retrieve information.  Headquartered in
 Rockville, Maryland, the company has a customer base of over 15,000
 organizations and a global network of VARs, distributors, and OEMs.
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