emebaVet, LLC Client Education System Gets Bigger and Better in 2008

emebaVet, LLC Forms Alliance With Veterinary News Network

Feb 04, 2008, 00:00 ET from emebaVet, LLC

    MODESTO, Calif., Feb. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- emebaVet, LLC, a leader in
 veterinary hospital captive audience digital signage solutions and systems
 integration, is aligning with Veterinary News Network, forming one of the
 most comprehensive client education systems in the industry.
     "We are pleased to be partnering with emebaVet, bringing interesting
 and accurate pet health information direct to pet owners," says Veterinary
 News Network (VNN) President and News Director, Jim Humphries, DVM.
 "emebaVet's Client Education System is the perfect medium for broadcasting
 our compelling, educational and visually entertaining stories."
     Like having your own television station in your practice, the emebaVet
 Client Education System displays content created specifically for each
 hospital using high-definition LCD screens. Currently, the emebaVet Client
 Education System reaches more than 100,000 viewers per month.
     Program specific content focusing on animal education and pet
 healthcare is designed to raise client awareness, as well as serves as a
 valuable marketing tool, encouraging clients to consult their veterinarian
 for recommendations regarding products, procedures, other elective options
 and compliance issues.
     "VNN is well-respected throughout the veterinary community, viewed as
 an expert source in providing accurate reports and stories on pet health
 issues and advances in veterinary care," Dan Hong, emebaVet's Vice
 President of Technology, says. "This collaboration is a big win for us."
     Byron Farquer, DVM, emebaVet vice president of strategic growth agrees,
 adding, "Having VNN as a resource reinforces our mission -- to provide
 current, entertaining and relevant information to pet owners while at the
 same time supporting busy veterinary practices in their compliance and
 marketing efforts."
emebaVet Client Education System Advantages: -- Create a unique viewing environment that enhances the over-all waiting room experience -- Communicate health educational awareness and compliance to your client as often as you want -- minimizing client anxiety and perceived wait times -- Strategically market your services and products -- increasing your bottom-line -- Introduce and increase retail point of sale -- Encourage communication, trust and loyalty between you and your client About emebaVet, LLC emebaVet is a privately held company with a controlling interest held by emeba LLC, providing similar digital signage solutions and captive audience digital systems in other venues, including real estate, restaurant and automotive industries. For more information, visit http://www.emebavet.com. For press/media inquiries, contact Theresa Hong at 209.205.8210 or email Theresa@goemeba.com. About Veterinary News Network The Veterinary News Network (VNN) is a national network of more than 360 veterinarians, affiliate reporters and organizations who use VNN-produced resources to broadcast and publish local news stories about current pet health issues and advances in veterinary care. By providing content that is medically accurate and reliable, VNN helps veterinarians deliver these stories to their local media through print, television, radio, Internet blogs and other appropriate outlets. VNN has produced more than 50 news stories and in 2006, reached more than 66 million viewers. VNN also has a syndication division that includes network morning drive and talk radio stations, captive audience networks, podcasts, Internet video channels, blogs and syndicated medical television. VNN is funded by an educational grant through the Western Veterinarian Conference by Merial. For more information, visit http://www.MyVNN.com.

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