EMI Music Publishing First to License Music and Lyrics to SpiralFrog for Advertising-Supported Download Service

Sep 06, 2006, 01:00 ET from SpiralFrog

    NEW YORK, Sept. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- SpiralFrog, the new music download
 destination, has signed an agreement with EMI Music Publishing, the world's
 leading music publishing company, to authorize SpiralFrog's use of EMI's
 vast catalog of musical compositions available for legal downloading in the
 United States via SpiralFrog's advertising-supported service.
     The agreement with EMI Music Publishing, whose catalog is the largest
 in the world, is the first agreement SpiralFrog has signed with a global
 music publishing company. It follows SpiralFrog's ground-breaking agreement
 with Universal Music Group, announced last week. The two music industry
 leaders' combined rights bring the catalogs of hit artists such as Sting,
 Nelly Furtado, Jay Z and Kanye West to SpiralFrog.
     Importantly, SpiralFrog has also obtained a worldwide license to enable
 users of SpiralFrog's service to search for and display the lyrics of EMI
 Music Publishing's Anglo-American repertoire.
     "We are very pleased to help launch SpiralFrog," said Roger Faxon,
 Co-CEO of EMI Music Publishing. "It is a very exciting concept which fuses
 advertising with music downloads and other services to recapture consumer
 demand which has been hijacked by online piracy. Anytime we can create a
 new revenue stream for our songwriters and combat online piracy, you will
 see EMI Music Publishing leading the charge."
     "EMI Music Publishing is the largest music publisher in the world,"
 said Robin Kent, SpiralFrog's CEO. "Obtaining these rights helps ensure
 that SpiralFrog can provide young consumers with access to recordings from
 a wide range of artists that they want to hear. We are delighted to obtain
 global rights to song lyrics as this is further value that we can add for
 our users, while driving even more advertising revenue for the music
     Kent said that the agreements SpiralFrog has signed with Universal and
 EMI Music Publishing represent clear signs that the music industry
 recognizes the revenue potential of an advertising-supported business model
 that will help the industry combat piracy by offering a high-quality
 alternative to illegal file-sharing sites which are often characterized by
 poor-quality music, missing song details and spyware.
     "The industry's overall perception of what constitutes piracy has not
 changed," Kent stated. "By supporting our service that provides people with
 a compelling alternative experience and lets them enjoy high-quality music
 they've legally downloaded, Universal and EMI Music Publishing have enabled
 SpiralFrog to move the music industry barometer."
     Launching later this year, SpiralFrog offers users of its no-cost
 service the ability to legally download music by many of the world's most
 popular and award-winning artists. Its target audience is people between
 the ages of 13 and 34, who the company plans to attract by creating a
 music-centric experience and destination that is second to none.
     About EMI Music Publishing
     EMI Music Publishing is the world's most creative music publisher with
 more than one million copyrights including some of the best known songs
 ever written: "New York, New York", "Over The Rainbow" and "Singin' In The
 Rain". Its current hit-making writers and producers include: Arctic
 Monkeys, Fergie of Black Eyed Peas, Natasha Bedingfield, James Blunt, Kelly
 Clarkson, Jermaine Dupri, Eminem, Enya, Nelly Furtado, Gorillaz, Jay-Z,
 Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Eros Ramazzotti, Kanye West and Pharrell Williams.
     About SpiralFrog
     SpiralFrog (www.spiralfrog.com) is the new online music destination
 offering advertising-supported legal downloads of audio and video content
 licensed from the catalogs of the world's leading record labels and from
 independents. SpiralFrog offers music-lovers a compelling alternative to
 illegal file-sharing and pirate sites, with a secure environment for them
 to satisfy their unyielding passion and thirst for music, entertainment,
 information and brands at no cost except for their time and attention.
 Headquartered in New York, SpiralFrog will launch its advertising-supported
 service in beta in late 2006.

SOURCE SpiralFrog