Emic Application Cluster Enhances MySQL Reliability and Scalability

Sep 17, 2002, 01:00 ET from Emic Networks

    SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Emic Networks today announced
 Emic Application Cluster (EAC). EAC adds a new dimension to MySQL(TM)
 reliability and scalability. EAC is a new application-clustering product that
 is tuned for MySQL, the world's most popular open source database.
     EAC removes the problems that normally occur when combining availability,
 data consistency, scalability and performance. By forming virtual database
 entities, which can be either local or distributed, EAC eliminates the need
 for a shared storage device and provides failover protection while preserving
 all transaction ACID requirements. EAC uses clustering technology with a
 unique group communication replication technology, which provides the
 consistency of synchronous replication at the speed of asynchronous
 replication, with no decrease of overall performance.
     "EAC combines multiple physical SQL databases, working as one logical,
 highly available database. It takes full advantage of available resources and
 balances the workload between clustered databases. EAC delivers almost linear
 scalability as nodes are added to the cluster," said Kari Honkanen, CTO at
 Emic Networks. "With EAC, lower-cost Intel-based systems can match the
 performance and reliability of RISC systems."
     "Large enterprises are increasingly turning to MySQL for running their
 mission-critical applications. We are pleased to see leaders like
 Emic Networks add application-clustering technology to the total offering,"
 said Marten Mickos, CEO at MySQL.
     Emic Application Cluster is available today, starting at $4,995 per
 server. A free evaluation version is available for downloading at
     About Emic Networks
     Emic Networks offers the industry's leading, patent-pending
 high-availability, fault tolerance and clustering software for application and
 hardware vendors. Emic Networks was founded by Internet security and traffic
 management specialists in response to the explosive growth in the need for
 reliability and performance in mission-critical applications. Emic Networks is
 headquartered in San Jose, CA. For more information about Emic Networks,
 please visit www.emicnetworks.com.
     About MySQL
     MySQL AB develops, markets and supports the MySQL database server, the
 world's most popular Open Source database. With an estimated four million
 installations and up to 27,000 downloads per day, MySQL is the de facto Open
 Source database leader and is quickly becoming the core of many high-volume,
 business-critical applications. Major corporations such as Yahoo!, Lucent
 Technologies, Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment, Motorola, NASA, Silicon
 Graphics, HP, Xerox and Cisco rely on the ultra-fast, highly-reliable MySQL
 database. MySQL is available under the Free Software/Open Source GNU General
 Public License (GPL) or a non-GPL commercial license. For more information
 about MySQL,please go to www.mysql.com.
     NOTE:  Emic Application Cluster and EAC are trademarks of Emic Networks.
 MySQL is a registered trademark of MySQL AB in Sweden and is a trademark of
 MySQL ABin the USA and other countries.
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SOURCE Emic Networks