Employees Confident Paycheck is Accurate

Sep 17, 2008, 01:00 ET from American Payroll Association

    SAN ANTONIO, Sept. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Even in a down economy, workers
 say they can still count on one thing -- their paycheck. Eighty-eight
 percent of American employees are confident their paychecks are accurate
 every payday, according to results from the NPW "Getting Paid In America"
     "It is a testament to the dedication of America's payroll professionals
 that nearly 90% of surveyed workers are certain that their paychecks are
 correct each payday," said Sam Kerch, director of tax research for
     Increasingly complex tax laws and benefits make paycheck calculation a
 challenging task. Many companies outsource parts of the payroll function.
     "One of the real values of using a payroll service is the confidence it
 provides -- knowing that employees' paychecks will be processed on time and
 accurately," said Walter Turek, senior vice president, sales and marketing
 for Paychex, Inc.
     About 9.3 percent of respondents, 4,200 of more than 45,000 American
 employees surveyed, indicated they are not confident their paychecks are
 accurate. Much of this uncertainty is related to manual timekeeping
     "While nearly 90 percent of workers report that they are 'certain'
 their paycheck withholdings are correct -- a testament to the many
 hard-working payroll professionals -- nine percent report some level of
 uncertainty," explains Robert Farina, CEO of CyberShift. "With continued
 adoption of workforce management solutions, organizations enable payroll
 professionals to ensure accurate paychecks and eliminate the gap of
     Employees can check their paycheck accuracy with the paycheck
 calculator at http://www.nationalpayrollweek.com.
     The annual "Getting Paid In America" survey is part of the National
 Payroll Week celebration spearheaded by the American Payroll Association.
 The question asked "How certain are you that your payroll withholding and
 the net amount of your paycheck are correct each payday?" For complete
 survey results, visit http://www.nationalpayrollweek.com.
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SOURCE American Payroll Association