Empower Technologies Releases LEOs for Texas Instruments OMAP5910 and the Accompanying Development Kit - LDK5910

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May 24, 2005, 01:00 ET from Empower Technologies

    RICHMOND, BC, May 24 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Empower Technologies(TM)
 is pleased to announce the official release of the latest LEOs(TM) (LinuxDA
 Embedded O/S) development platform - LDK5910 optimized for Texas
 Instruments(TM) OMAP5910 dual core CPU.
     The LDK5910 (LEOs for TI OMAP5910 Development Kit) is designed for
 consumer electronics manufacturers/developers to fast track new products' time
 to market, to drastically reduce development costs and to alleviate design
 delay due to multiple vendors.
     Based on the one-stop shopping concept, LDK5910 encompasses a hardware
 development board with TI OMAP5910 onboard, LEOs operating software and a
 software development kit - all for an affordable target price of US$900.
 Empower has strategically positioned the LDK5910 for application engineers who
 appreciate an excellent out-of-the-box solution that will enable them to write
 applications within one (1) hour of setting up the LDK5910.
     LDK5910 enables engineers to develop "smart" consumer electronics by
 taking full advantage of LEOs operating software - a must-have solution for
 developers/manufacturers to develop a myriad of new consumer electronic
     According to an article titled "Unmixed Signals" in Electronic News
 Online on May 1, 2005 by Geoffrey James, "Fully half of the cell phones
 worldwide contain TI DSPs, and the company dominates most DSP market
     Another study titled "Global Cellular Handset & Chip Markets," by Forward
 Concepts' principal author, Carter L. Horney, states "Our assessment is that
 Texas Instruments remains the number-one cellular chip provider, overall, and
 also the number-one provider of baseband chips for both 2G and 3G/UMTS
 cellular. And, with their OMAP2 application processor, they have quickly
 become number one in that market segment as well."
     The study also concludes that 2004 cell phone shipments reached a record
 715 million units, including inexpensive PHS/PAS units in China. The study
 projects that 2005 overall unit sales will increase only by 4.5% to the
 746-million level...as larger markets for older technologies decline,
 offsetting strong gains by newer technologies.
     Based on the above, LDK5910 enables LEOs for TI OMAP5910 to become an
 extremely effective and competitive operating software development platform in
 a very sizeable market already dominated by TI OMAP application processors.
     LDK5910 is available online at www.linuxda.com for immediate purchase and
     About Empower Technologies(TM)
     Founded in 2000, Empower Technologies is a developer of Linux-based
 operating software and embedded system technologies and solutions for the
 consumer electronics industry and the intelligent appliance market.
     Empower is an innovative company that introduced to the world LinuxDA(TM)
 O/S, the first and only complete Palm(R) Handheld compatible Linux Operating
 System scaled down for the Motorola Dragonball CPU platform. Empower recently
 developed a new embedded CPU platform for its LinuxDA Embedded O/S (LEOs(TM))
 based on Texas Instruments(TM) OMAP5910 dual core CPU platform.
     By uniting top professionals from within the computer industry and
 developing quality partnerships and strategic alliances, Empower is committed
 to being the leading developer of Linux-based operating software and embedded
 system technologies and solutions for consumer electronics manufacturers and
     Empower's brands are "LinuxDA(TM)" and "LEOs(TM)" (www.linuxda.com),
 Linux-based embedded operating systems and "PowerPlay(TM)"
 (www.powerplaydevices.com), smart consumer electronics.
     Contact Information:
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     Paul Leung - chairman & CEO (604) 278-3100 or
     Ed (Edward) Dennis - President (604) 278-3100 or
     Investor Relations:
     Coal Harbor Communications, Suite 900 - 555 Burrard Street,
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     Toll-free: 1 (877) 642-6200
     More Information on Empower Technologies: www.empowertechnologies.com
     LinuxDA(TM) O/S Sales Enquiries: sales@linuxda.com or
     Tel (425) 881-0909
     Empower Technologies Corporation
     Paul Leung
     Chairman & CEO
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