Emu Software Enhances NetDirector for Enterprise Linux Application Management

New Features Deliver Time and Cost Savings, Business Continuity and Improved


Aug 08, 2005, 01:00 ET from Emu Software

    LINUXWORLD EXPO (Booth #459), SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Taking
 another step to make it easier for enterprises to migrate to Linux, Emu
 Software today introduced key new features to its flagship NetDirector(TM)
 Linux Application Management Suite. With enhancements such as server cloning,
 support for NFS and email notification, Emu Software continues to build
 NetDirector into the most comprehensive real-time configuration management
 tool for enterprise Linux.
     "There's a perception in the enterprise market that Linux is too hard to
 manage because of a lack of management tools and staffing experts, making it
 much more expensive than a proprietary platform like Windows," said Jim
 McHugh, CEO of Emu Software. "The reality is that managing a Linux environment
 has never been easier, especially with what Emu is bringing to NetDirector.
 Our goal is to take the fear out of moving to Linux by providing a reliable
 management tool that any system administrator can use without being a Linux
     NetDirector simplifies and secures the ongoing administration of a Linux
 server network through a single Web console. Until the introduction of
 NetDirector, Linux users have had no centralized, GUI-based configuration
 management tool with such enterprise-class features as the ability to group
 distributed servers; apply configuration changes to one server, a group of
 servers, or all servers simultaneously; schedule changes to occur later; and
 rollback configuration changes if needed. Now, making a routine change to a
 service no longer means manually editing multiple configuration files on each
 server and then restarting the services on all the servers.
     Today's new features extend NetDirector's ability to save time and money
 for enterprises, provide visibility into the network to ease regulatory
 compliance and minimize workflow disruptions. These features include:
     * Server Cloning -- This capability enables rapid deployment of new
       servers and disaster recovery by cloning existing servers. Because
       NetDirector stores all the configuration settings for services across
       all managed servers in a given network, system administrators can use
       server cloning to easily deploy new servers or restore failed servers
       based on any version, past or present, of any server's configuration. As
       enterprises increasingly add new Linux servers to their environment,
       NetDirector's server cloning capability makes it easy to replicate and
       deploy without time-consuming manual configuration.
     * Support for NFS -- A popular file sharing approach, NFS provides remote
       access to shared files across networks. By adding support for the
       centralized management of NFS, NetDirector delivers a common management
       architecture for businesses running NFS alongside BIND, Apache, DHCP and
       Sendmail. Administrators now have the ability to create and remove
       network exports on the fly to one or many servers at the same time.
       Moreover, NFS support complements NetDirector's existing support of
       Samba so that organizations moving from one to the other now have a
       consistent management layer for the two file sharing technologies. And
       organizations that rely on both NFS and Samba can now use NetDirector to
       easily manage both applications through one central tool.
     * Email Notification -- This feature notifies users of successful and
       unsuccessful changes made with NetDirector. This is particularly
       important given NetDirector's ability to schedule changes to occur in
       the future. All NetDirector users assigned to the role in which the
       change has been made will receive the notification.
     * System Configuration Files -- Enhancements to NetDirector's /etc files
       management capabilities provide administrators with greater control over
       their server's individual configuration files. In addition to easing the
       daily burden of Linux administrators, these enhanced capabilities form
       an important part of the groundwork needed to provide single sign-on
     These new features will be available in NetDirector 2.8 due out August 31.
 A free 90-day evaluation download will be available at
 http://www.emusoftware.com. NetDirector supports Red Hat, Debian, Mandriva and
 Novell SUSE on x86 and IBM Power PC.
     About Emu Software
     Emu Software, Inc. is dedicated to making the management of Linux easier
 and more robust so that more companies and organizations can do more with
 Linux. Partners include Core Function, IBM, MBX and Red Hat Software. Emu
 Software is headquartered in Durham, N.C. For more information, please visit
     NetDirector is a trademark of Emu Software, Inc. in the U.S. Linux is a
 registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. All other trademarks herein are
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