eMusic Amasses One-Million Track Catalogue

Exclusive Live Version of the Pixies' 'Here Comes Your Man' Is the One

Millionth Track

The Pixies' Frank Black Sold the First Ever Legal MP3 (on eMusic); Now, He

Helps the Pioneering Download Service Celebrate an Independent Music Milestone

Dec 19, 2005, 00:00 ET from eMusic

    NEW YORK, Dec. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- eMusic, the number one independent music
 service, today announced the addition of the millionth track to its catalogue.
 The track is a live version of the Pixies' classic "Here Comes Your Man," off
 of their forthcoming digital-only album entitled "Hey," and will be
 exclusively on eMusic until January.  The significance of this digital music
 milestone is amplified by the fact that the first MP3s to be legally sold on
 the Internet were on eMusic in 1998 by Frank Black and the Catholics, whose
 frontman, Frank Black, was also a founding member of the Pixies.  Those two
 MP3s, "All My Ghosts" and "King and Queen of Siam," were the first in eMusic's
 catalogue, which is now the largest collection of independent music in the
     To celebrate the addition of the millionth track, eMusic has launched
 Pixies Week-a week celebrating the famed independent band and tracing the
 history of their music from their formation in 1986 through today.  For Pixies
 Week, eMusic will post a new "Review of the Day" exploring a new Pixies title
 each day of the week; and its "New and Noteworthy" homepage will be loaded
 with the music of the Pixies and Frank Black.
     Since its original inception in 1998, eMusic has claimed the number one
 position among independent music services-and today, it is second only to
 iTunes among all music services, selling more than four million downloads
 monthly.  eMusic has consistently led the industry in features designed to
 enhance the consumer experience-compatibility, channels to discover great
 music and consumer ease-of-use, while striking groundbreaking content deals
 with leading independent labels across all genres.
     * Innovation in Compatibility
       eMusic's commitment to compatibility is rooted in the fact that it was
       the first digital music service to deliver music in the universally
       compatible MP3 format.  It remains the only major service to offer its
       entire catalogue in MP3s-without digital rights management (DRM), which
       limits consumer usage and listening behavior.  eMusic's flexibility
       allows its subscribers unlimited CD burning along with the ability to
       transfer MP3s to multiple computers and multiple devices.  MP3s are the
       most popular and versatile digital file format and play on virtually all
       digital audio players-including Apple Computer(R)'s iPod(R), along with,
       literally, hundreds of devices, including mobile phones, home stereos,
       PDAs, car stereos, DVD players, televisions and even cameras.
     * Innovation in Discovery
       eMusic's commitment to pioneering innovative ways for users to discover
       music is one of its most unique features distinguishing it from other
       music services.  With a team of award-winning music curators and critics
       producing a magazine with fresh, insightful editorial content updated
       daily, industry-leading search tools and a passionate community of music
       lovers consistently engaging in the eMusic community, subscribers are
       equipped with a set of unrivaled human and technological navigational
       tools to help guide them through the greatest independent music
       catalogue ever assembled.
     * Innovation in Ease-of-use
       eMusic's success is underscored by a commitment to ease-of-use.  To
       facilitate music discovery, eMusic has created the most powerful search
       and browse function of any music service.  Subscribers can search for
       specific artists, albums, labels and song titles. In addition,
       subscribers can browse by genre, style, region, era, most-downloaded
       albums, live shows and much more.  In addition, eMusic uses
       sophisticated personalization technology developed by ChoiceStream, to
       enable users to easily find other users who share their tastes and
       interests in music.
     * Unparalleled Breadth of Content
       eMusic's matchless scope of independent content stems from its
       commitment to embrace the work of artists unwilling to compromise the
       integrity of their music just to meet the tastes of major labels
       interested only in producing a top-40 hit.  Partnering with thousands of
       independent labels across all genres from has led eMusic to become the
       number one destination for consumers of independent music and music
       aficionados alike.   From jazz, blues and hip-hop to classical, reggae
       and pop, eMusic's collection of music is unparalleled.
     "No other online digital music service has one-million iPod-compatible
 MP3s," said David Pakman, CEO of eMusic and a managing director of Dimensional
 Associates, the private equity arm of JDS Capital that owns eMusic, The
 Orchard and Dimensional Music Publishing.  "Along with indie music luminaries
 like Frank Black and the Pixies, eMusic has pioneered the music space since
 the beginning of the digital revolution.  Our catalog is the largest, most
 important, and most well-curated collection of independent music in the world.
 We're honored to have the Pixies deliver our millionth track as we continue to
 innovate how digital music is discovered and enjoyed."
     About eMusic
     eMusic (http://www.emusic.com) stands alone as the only digital music
 service that is 100% focused on serving the needs of independent music fans
 and independent labels.  Delivering more than 4 million downloads each month;
 eMusic is among the top digital music services, offering a diverse catalogue
 of 1,000,000 tracks from established and emerging artists in every genre from
 the world's top independent labels.  eMusic was not only the first service to
 sell songs and albums in the popular MP3 format, it was the first company to
 launch a digital music subscription service.  Unlike other services that
 severely restrict portability, eMusic allows members complete flexibility to
 burn CDs, transfer to MP3 devices and make multiple copies for personal use.
 eMusic also offers access to exclusive recordings from eMusicLive's network of
 premier music venues across the country.  Based in New York and San Diego,
 eMusic is wholly owned by Dimensional Associates, Inc., the private equity arm
 of JDS Capital Management, Inc.
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