Enanta Pharmaceuticals Presents R&D at Mass Opps Investor Conference

Oct 29, 2002, 00:00 ET from Enanta Pharmaceuticals Inc.

    WATERTOWN, Mass., Oct. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Enanta Pharmaceuticals Inc.
 (www.enanta.com), a leading drug discovery company that focuses on
 transforming existing drugs, natural products and biologically-active peptide
 leads into small molecules with improved pharmacological properties presented
 today its product development progress and a company overview at the Mass Opps
 Investor Conference (Boston, MA). Dr. Spiros Jamas, President and CEO of
 Enanta, discussed the company's current R&D programs for the development of
 therapeutics for respiratory tract infections, asthma, psoriasis, and
 Hepatitis C (HCV).
     "Enanta is focusing on three product areas; macrolide antibiotics, novel
 cyclosporin analogs and HCV protease inhibitors," said Spiros Jamas, President
 and CEO of Enanta Pharmaceuticals. "We feel that these therapeutic areas
 represent significant markets with unmet medical needs. Fueling Enanta's
 progress is our chemistry-driven capability that we apply to transform
 existing drugs, natural products and biologically active peptide leads into
 small molecules with improved pharmacological properties."
     Enanta has developed a new class of proprietary cyclosporine A analogs
 with improved toxicity for the treatment of asthma and psoriasis. These
 analogs can be applied topically, through inhalation to the lung, where they
 exert a potent local anti-inflammatory effect by inhibiting T-cell activation
 and proliferation. Enanta is also involved in the discovery of novel macrolide
 antibiotics with improved antimicrobial and pharmacologic properties for the
 treatment of respiratory tract infections. The company's macrolides have, to
 date, shown potent activity against respiratory pathogens and excellent oral
 bioavailability. Enanta is applying its macrocyclic chemistry expertise to the
 discovery of novel HCV therapeutics and has entered into an exclusive
 collaboration with Chiron Corporation (Sept. 4, 2002) that involves the
 synthesis of compounds, structure-based drug design and testing of lead
 compounds in enzyme assays, whole cell assays and animal models.
     About Enanta
     Headquartered in Watertown, Mass., Enanta Pharmaceuticals is using its
 breakthrough chemistry technology -- Drug Morphing(TM) and Peptide Morphing(R)
 -- to create new intellectual properties by transforming existing drugs,
 natural products and biologically active peptides into novel small-molecule
 drugs. The Company is initially focusing on new chemical entities derived from
 existing drugs that address significant unmet medical needs: (a) new-
 generation macrolide antibiotics to overcome bacterial resistance; and (b)
 anti-inflammatory drugs for a variety of indications, including asthma,
 psoriasis and inflammatory bowel diseases.
      Paul Kidwell
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SOURCE Enanta Pharmaceuticals Inc.