Ener1 and Delphi Complete Lithium Battery Transaction

Ener1 Funds Purchase of Controlling Interest Through Preferred Stock Placement

Oct 21, 2004, 01:00 ET from Ener1, Inc.

    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Ener1, Inc.
 (OTC Bulletin Board:   ENEI) and Delphi Corp. (NYSE:   DPH) have completed a
 transaction to combine their lithium battery operations into a new company.
 Ener1 and Delphi expect the new company to benefit from their complementary
 technical resources, intellectual property and manufacturing assets.  The new
 company will pursue opportunities for high-energy, long-life lithium batteries
 in diverse markets including power tools, automotive, uninterrupted power
 supply, medical devices, personal mobility and military applications.
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     The new company's name, EnerDel, builds upon the venture's capability to
 deliver new solutions for stored energy and battery power.  EnerDel will
 emphasize the significant performance, size and cost advantages of lithium
 battery technologies developed by Ener1 and Delphi.  Ener1's nanotechnology-
 based vapor deposition process is expected to offer substantial cost
 advantages for EnerDel's new battery products due to greater choice of
 potential electrode materials, faster production times and elimination of
 binders and coating materials in the production of lithium batteries.
     Kevin Fitzgerald, Ener1's Chairman and CEO, said: "EnerDel will capitalize
 on the best aspects of Ener1's and Delphi's lithium battery patent portfolios,
 which provide the technology foundation for EnerDel to create innovative
 lithium battery products and market them competitively.  Our battery cell
 production skills are complemented by Delphi's design and production team,
 cell packaging, systems design and large-scale production expertise.  These
 advantages are now unified in a single company, whose performance risk we
 believe is reduced because of the combined talents and assets available to it.
 We expect great things from EnerDel."
     "EnerDel's low-cost technologies, substantial manufacturing assets and
 proven quality manufacturing and delivery systems will be significant
 marketing advantages," said Pankaj Dhingra, Delphi's energy management systems
 business line executive.
     Ener1 owns 80.5 % of EnerDel's common stock, and Delphi owns 19.5%.
 Delphi also received EnerDel 8.25% Series A Preferred Stock with a 90 day
 right to exchange some or all of the preferred for Ener1 common stock at a
 price of $1.15 per share.  Also as part of the transaction, Delphi obtained
 warrants to purchase up to 7 million shares of Ener1 common stock.  Initially,
 Delphi will have one representative on the EnerDel board of directors, which
 will have six members.
     As part of the transaction, Ener1 invested $15 million in cash into
 EnerDel for working capital.  The funds were provided through an Ener1
 financing arrangement totaling $18 million.  The structure of the financing is
 a private placement of Ener1's redeemable preferred stock, along with warrants
 to purchase shares of Ener1 common stock at $1.25 per share and $1.50 per
 share.  In connection with the initial $15 million, Ener1 issued warrants to
 purchase approximately 4.17 million shares of Ener1 common stock at $1.25 per
 share and approximately 4.17 million shares at $1.50 per share.  Once the
 financing is completed, warrants totaling 5 million shares at the $1.25
 exercise price and 5 million shares at the $1.50 exercise price will have been
 issued.  The lead investor in the financing is a Swiss company that will hold
 the shares for the benefit of an affiliate of Ener1 and Ener1 Group, Inc.,
 Ener1's majority shareholder.
     Mr. Fitzgerald also remarked on Ener1's financing: "We are very gratified
 to have been able to raise the financing for our investment in EnerDel on
 favorable terms, given today's capital markets.  The terms of the preferred
 stock financing that we used to fund this transaction are indicative of the
 continuing support and confidence of our majority shareholder.  In addition,
 we also expect that this transaction will reduce Ener1's overhead costs and
 cash requirements."
     EnerDel will be headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, but will also
 utilize Delphi's lithium battery facilities in Indianapolis, Indiana and
 Delphi's established suppliers, in addition to Ener1's battery, nanotechnology
 and raw material processing facilities in Ft. Lauderdale.  EnerDel will have
 access to Delphi's electronics, packaging, and systems engineering expertise.
 EnerDel may also establish large scale manufacturing facilities in low-cost
 foreign locations in the future to handle high volume production.  EnerDel's
 production management team is experienced in setting up successful offshore
 production operations, having done so on several occasions for Delphi's
 manufacturing businesses.
     About Ener1, Inc.
     Ener1, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board:   ENEI) develops and markets new
 technologies and products for clean, efficient energy sources, including high-
 energy lithium batteries and components, through EnerDel, its majority-owned
 venture with Delphi Corp.  Ener1 also develops and markets nanotechnology-
 based materials and manufacturing processes and fuel cell systems and
 components.  Ener1's technologies and products have applications for markets
 that include power tools and industrial equipment, medical devices, hybrid
 vehicle propulsion and military communications.  For more information on
 Ener1's technologies and products, visit its Web site at http://www.ener1.com
 or call (954) 556-4020.
     About Delphi
     For more information about Delphi and its operating subsidiaries, visit
 http://www.delphi.com/media .
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