Energetiq's Laser-Driven Light Source Technology Enables Continuous Spectrum Light Sources, from Visible to Deep Ultraviolet

Jun 17, 2008, 01:00 ET from Energetiq Technology, Inc.

    WOBURN, Mass., June 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Energetiq Technology, Inc., a
 developer and manufacturer of specialized short-wavelength light products
 for advanced technology applications, has introduced a revolutionary
 technology that enables light sources to achieve extreme high brightness
 and CW power over the broadest spectral range. The LDLS(TM) Laser-Driven
 Light Source is embodied in the Energetiq EQ-1000, the first in a series of
 user-friendly compact light products that can be used in a wide variety of
 applications. The EQ-1000 can be configured for broad spectrum output in
 UV-VIS spectroscopy, biological imaging, circular dichroism spectroscopy,
 and general scientific research.
     A single EQ-1000 LDLS Laser-Driven Light Source covers wavelengths from
 170nm to beyond visible, while attaining exceptional bright light and
 deliverable power at levels that exceed those of deuterium lamps and at a
 fraction of the cost of excimer or other DUV lasers. The fully integrated
 EQ-1000, which incorporates light collection optics and power supply,
 provides broadband spectral output from a flexible optical interface,
 allowing great flexibility for customers needing a long-life, high
 brightness, light source at an economical price.
     "LDLS technology is our newest innovation in advanced light source
 products that enable advanced imaging and analysis for the life sciences
 and homeland security industries," said Paul Blackborow, CEO of Energetiq.
 "Building upon our expertise in reliable high brightness EUV and high power
 DUV light source science, we're thrilled to offer this ground-breaking
 technology that allows for such a superior level of brightness over a very
 broad spectral range. This technology is embodied in our EQ-1000 LDLS
 Laser-Driven Light Source, the world's first source of truly broadband
 DUV-VIS power. Now, researchers and engineers who need high brightness,
 high power UV light can use a single UV-VIS source, giving them a
 cost-effective alternative to purchasing and operating multiple lamps or
     The compact EQ-1000 integrates easily into process tools and analytical
 instruments. It uses a sealed Xenon gas bulb, unlike excimer lasers that
 require the installation of toxic gases. The proprietary laser-driven bulb
 technology is optimized for superior brightness and long operating life.
     Note to editors: Download photo of EQ-1000 LDLS Laser-Driven Light
 Source at http://www.energetiq.com/html/photos.html.
     About Energetiq
     Energetiq Technology, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of advanced
 short-wavelength light products that enable nano-scale structures and
 products. The Energetiq team combines its deep understanding of the high
 power plasma physics needed for short-wavelength light generation with its
 long experience in building rugged, industrial and scientific products. The
 result is that users can expect the highest levels of performance combined
 with the highest reliability.

SOURCE Energetiq Technology, Inc.