EnerTeck Corporation Announces Analyst Report

Aug 02, 2004, 01:00 ET from EnerTeck Corporation

    STAFFORD, Texas, Aug. 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- EnerTeck Corporation
 (OTC Bulletin Board:   ETCK) (the "Company") announced today that analyst Howard
 N. Stillman has prepared a report on the Company, dated July 30, 2004.  The
 complete, unedited text of the report is as follows:
                                                    July 30, 2004
                                               Speculative Buy
                                               Price Objective -- $3 - $5
                                               EnerTeck Corporation
                                               Nasdaq B.B.  Symbol: ETCK
      Price:  $1.70                            Range: $4.30 High  $1.26 Low
      Common Stock:  7,793,025 shares outstanding
      Float:  1,300,000 (approximately)
      Warrants: 3,025,650 to purchase shares between $1 - $4 through 2008.
             Sky high oil prices have become a fact of life today.  Diesel fuel
      alone has risen over 20% from a year ago.  This has had a material
      adverse effect on the transportation industry, particularly trucking
      companies.  The Company has provided a chemical additive to the industry
      that improves fuel economy by 8%-15%; reduces engine wear by 30%-50%;
      noxious emissions by 10%-20%; and decreases highway smoke up to 70%.
             The product, called EnerBurn(TM), has demonstrated over a 3-1 cost
      benefit savings to users, with fuel costs the second largest operating
      expense to transportation companies.  This EPA registered chemical
      additive is a fuel borne combustion accelerator that is dispensed in a
      precise formula when the vehicle is re-fueled.  This formula has served
      to enhance the profitability of trucking companies by reducing fuel and
      maintenance costs.  An added benefit is its contribution in cleaning up
      the environment, an ongoing world problem as fossil fuel predominates
      energy usage.  Furthermore, a new version of its product, namely EC5931A,
      to be introduced to diesel fuel stops across the country is expected to
      enhance market penetration of its products.  A staff of
      19 individuals/and companies, including a distribution agreement with C&R
      Distributing to market EnerBurn(TM) diesel fuel specific combustion
      catalyst products, have launched an intensive marketing effort throughout
      the United States.  C&R has successfully used the product over 2 years in
      its truck fleet reducing fuel costs by over 10%.
             Keeping costs low, the management team has reshaped the Company
      after recent transition years, through effective product testing, select
      marketing tools and a program aimed at expanding sales to all users of
      diesel equipment.  Negotiations are underway with one of the largest
      truck stop operators in the country as well as overseas expansion in
      South America and other locales utilizing its exclusive product licenses
      internationally.  Cash requirements are expected to be provided from the
      exercise of warrants and a small private placement of equity.  Operating
      revenues are forecast at just under $1 million this year with a rapid
      jump to $4 million in 2005 when profitability is expected.  At current
      price levels, the shares are speculatively attractive for risk-oriented
      investors seeking material capital gains.
                          Howard N. Stillman
                          Security Analyst
     (This report is read at your own risk.  It was prepared for a fee of
 $2,500.  It is based upon information believed to be reliable, but cannot be
 guaranteed as to its accuracy or completeness.)
     Howard N. Stillman was retained by CLX & Associates to conduct an
 independent analysis of the Company.  He received a payment of $2500 for his
     About EnerTeck Chemical Corp.
     EnerTeck Chemical Corp. is the wholly owned, operating subsidiary of
 EnerTeck Corporation, a Company focused on the development and/or acquisition
 of combustion enhancement, emission reduction, and other environmentally
 friendly energy technologies.  EnerTeck's diesel fuel specific combustion
 catalysts, EnerBurn and EC5931A form a non-hazardous nano-catalyst surface on
 the diesel combustion chamber and piston heads.  This catalyst lowers the
 combustion temperature of carbon and accelerates oxidation, which enhances the
 burn rate of diesel fuel in engines.  Current users of EnerBurn experience
 increased fuel economy of between 8-15%, reduced engine wear of 30-50%, and
 increased brake horsepower of approximately 4%.  EnerBurn's verifiable impact
 on the environment includes decreased highway smoke of 25-70% and reduced NOx
 emissions of 10-20%.  This technology was originally introduced commercially
 by Nalco/Exxon Energy Chemicals, L.P., a joint venture between Nalco Chemical
 Corporation and Exxon Corporation.  Additional information can be obtained by
 contacting the Company's President, Parrish B. Ketchmark or the Company's CFO,
 Leon van Kraayenburg at (281) 240-1787 or by visiting the Company's web site
 at http://www.enerteck.net .
     About EnerTeck Corporation
     EnerTeck Corporation acquired EnerTeck Chemical Corp. in January 2003.
 With this first acquisition, EnerTeck Corporation intends to continue to
 pursue acquisitions within the energy technology arena.  Further information
 about EnerTeck Corporation may be obtained by contacting the Company's
 President, Parrish B. Ketchmark or the Company's CFO, Leon van Kraayenburg at
 (281) 240-1787.
     Statements in this news release contain certain forward-looking statements
 within the meaning of the Federal Securities Laws.  Such statements are based
 on assumptions that EnerTeck Corporation believes are reasonable, but which
 are subject to a wide range of uncertainties and business risks.  Factors that
 could cause actual results to differ from those anticipated are discussed in
 EnerTeck Corporation's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission
 ("SEC")(at http://www.sec.gov ), including its Annual Report on Form 10-KSB
 for the year ended December 31, 2003 and its Registration Statement on Form
 SB-2, as amended, that was declared effective by the SEC on February 11, 2004.

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