EnterConnect Introduces SOAAPPS.com at BEAWorld San Francisco

EnterConnect Enters Strategic Alliance with BEA to Power Online SaaS

Marketplace for Midsize Businesses

Sep 11, 2007, 01:00 ET from BEA Systems, Inc.

    SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 11 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Today at BEAWorld,
 EnterConnect, Inc., veteran provider of 'business-ready' portals, announces
 the launch of SOAAPPS.com, The Business On-Demand Marketplace for
 mid-market business executives seeking rapid-value, enterprise-class
 subscription-based applications. BEA Systems has entered into a strategic
 partnership with EnterConnect under which BEA will provide the underlying
 enterprise infrastructure software to power SOAAPPS.com, helping deliver a
 solid, scalable foundation for this innovative new business model that can
 help empower independent software vendors (ISVs) to build, market, sell,
 deploy and manage SaaS offerings. Through SOAAPPS.com, ISVs can take
 advantage of the fast growth in the SaaS (On-Demand) market.
     "We want to make it as easy as possible for line of business executives
 in sales, marketing, human resources, finance, operations and information
 technology to find, try and deploy on-demand applications faster while
 gaining better business results," said Sam Jankovich, chief executive
 officer of EnterConnect, Inc. "That's why SOAAPPS leverages an integrated
 partner network of ISV SaaS solutions, local and specialized value-added
 resellers (VARs) and system integrators (SIs) with deep business process
     "The SaaS market represents a new opportunity for BEA, and we're
 pleased to be a part of this innovative approach to targeting a new and
 emerging market segment," said John Giubileo, senior vice president and
 general manager, World Wide Channels and Alliances for BEA Systems, Inc.
 "We fully support EnterConnect's mission and are providing the underlying
 infrastructure products to power their online marketplace of enterprise
 SaaS products."
     With the BEAWorld launch, a select number of ISVs have an opportunity
 to join the SOAAPPS Partner Program in September as Charter Partners and
 benefit from an extensive marketing investment targeting mid-market
 business executives and EnterConnect's network of 800+ ISVs seeking to
 market, deploy and use on-demand solutions. Charter Partners participating
 in the launch at BEAWorld include: ISVs (Baynote, MobileAware, V-Room); and
 VAR (Champion Solutions Group). Partners interested in the Charter Partner
 Program can get more details via email at
     In conjunction with this launch, EnterConnect is introducing a turnkey
 On-Demand enablement program that helps ISVs accelerate their SaaS business
 in the areas of business planning, technology, marketing, sales, hosting,
 customer support and billing -- with SOAAPPS.com serving as a single-source
 partner for SaaS delivery. The technology enablement program is built on
 BEA AquaLogic(R) and BEA WebLogic(R) product families, which can provide
 ISVs with an enterprise-class platform to build, deploy and manage
 subscription offerings. Through the program, ISVs can:
     --  reduce their upfront investments in technology,
     --  leverage the marketplace to sell and support their offerings, and
     --  eliminate the burden of managing their own 24x7x365 on-demand
     The broad mission of EnterConnect is to enable Business On-Demand,
 which leverages a service-oriented approach to help enable companies to be
 more responsive and competitive through the use of technologies such as
 SOA, Web 2.0 and SaaS. In addition, BEA technologies are designed to help
 empower On-Demand partners and their customers to gain the flexibility and
 scalability that can help them achieve significant returns on their
 investments. Some of the specific products being deployed include BEA
 AquaLogic(R) Service Bus, BEA AquaLogic(R) Data Services Platform, BEA
 AquaLogic(R) Enterprise Security, BEA WebLogic (R) Integration, BEA
 WebLogic Portal(R), and BEA WebLogic Server(R). For more information on BEA
 enterprise infrastructure products, please visit:
     About BEAWorld
     BEAWorld is the premier event for SOA thought leadership and is
 scheduled to take place in three strategic world markets spanning the
 Americas, Europe and Asia. The conference is designed to provide critical
 insights, hands-on instruction, best-practice strategies and opportunities
 for interaction with like-minded professionals, industry leaders,
 visionaries and expert practitioners.
     In addition to highlighting the innovation and tangible business
 results BEA customers have achieved, BEAWorld is the place to find the
 latest information on BEA infrastructure technologies including BEA
 Tuxedo(R), BEA WebLogic(R), BEA AquaLogic(R) and BEA Enterprise 360. This
 year's event will also include a Solutions Showcase, exhibiting the latest
 and most innovative developments from the extensive BEA partner community.
     The first of three planned worldwide events is scheduled to be held in
 the Moscone West building in San Francisco (Sept. 10-12). Two additional
 shows are scheduled in the following cities: Barcelona (Oct. 2-4) and
 Shanghai (Dec. 12-13).
     About SOAAPPS.com
     SOAAPPS.com is a new online global marketplace for mid-market line of
 business executives in sales, marketing, human resources, finance,
 operations and information technology to find, try, deploy and manage
 on-demand applications faster while gaining better business results. The
 mission of SOAAPPS.com is to "Transform Business On-Demand" by moving
 software applications and productivity online. This mission is being
 achieved by bringing together an integrated network of Business Customers,
 ISVs, VARs and SIs -- all leveraging the compelling business model of
 software-as-a-service (SaaS) to achieve more productivity, lower costs and
 accelerated time-to-value.
     About EnterConnect, Inc.
     Capitalizing on a rich history of more than 50 Fortune 1000 intranet
 and extranet deployments, EnterConnect, Inc. developed a proprietary
 standards-based portal platform that enables the company to deliver
 'business-ready' portal applications for employee productivity and customer
 and partner self-service to drive costs down revenue up. EnterConnect
 further leverages the 'business ready' portal platform in conjunction with
 BEA infrastructure to power the new SOAAPPS.com global marketplace. The
 EnterConnect software suite consists of EmployeeConnect, CustomerConnect
 and PartnerConnect and is available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) on
 SOAAPPS.com. For more information about EnterConnect visit
 http://www.enterconnect.com or call (800) 658-2670.
     For More Information:
     Jim Rivas
     BEA Systems, Inc.

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