Eptascape to Debut Privacy-Enabled Video Camera With MPEG-7 Encoder and Video Analysis at DEMOfall

'New kind of video camera allows the enforcement of privacy policies while

enabling more effective remote surveillance.'

Sep 19, 2005, 01:00 ET from Eptascape, Inc.

    HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., Sept. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Eptascape today
 unveiled a surveillance camera that performs real-time video analysis to mask
 people's identities, and to generate annotations describing the video content
 according to the emerging MPEG-7 standard.
     Dubbed "Eptacam", the camera protects personal data by hiding people's
 identities, while maintaining the surveillance factor in the resulting video.
 Should an incident occur, authorized personnel who possess the proper
 decryption key can play back video recorded from the camera revealing people's
 identities. Without bias for age, race or gender, none of which can be deduced
 by looking at the privacy-enabled images produced by the Eptacam, operators in
 the control room can focus on activities and not people. Moreover, video
 generated by the Eptacam will not be subject to the existing storage,
 duplication and dissemination limitations originating from privacy concerns.
     Based on proprietary embedded software, the Eptacam performs video
 analysis in real-time, generating meta-data annotations encoded in MPEG-7 that
 provide an overview of what the camera sees. In a typical Eptacam MPEG-7
 frame, meta-data annotations describe visual characteristics of relevant
 objects, tracking them as they move through the scene. Once received in the
 control room, MPEG-7 annotations allow viewing software to detect relevant
 events as they happen, and to highlight objects or features in the video
 presented to monitoring personnel. Practical examples include highlighting
 objects left behind, people trespassing or moving against the flow, people
 crossing an access gate "tail-gating" behind another person.
     The MPEG-7 meta-data annotations obtained with the Eptacam are useful in
 forensic activities as well. Video recorded from surveillance cameras has
 proven to be an effective investigative tool. However, searching the massive
 amount of video recorded from surveillance cameras is often a daunting task.
 Although still in its infancy, MPEG-7 meta-data is used to index video in an
 XML database for further search and retrieval using templates or other textual
 descriptions of the objects of interest.
     "The Eptacam is a shift from pixel-based to content-based video and it
 makes the practice of video surveillance in public spaces more socially
 acceptable," said Marco Graziano, founder, president and CEO of Eptascape.
 "Our technology keeps up with the values of an open society while increasing
 the effectiveness of surveillance as a safety measure."
     "Eptascape is debuting with a very promising, next-generation surveillance
 camera for security, in a market which has an enormous potential for start-up
 companies," said Chris Shipley, DEMOfall Executive Producer. "I am pleased to
 have at DEMOfall a start-up company such as Eptascape that develops innovative
 technology with a sensitive attitude toward preserving our privacy and a
 sophisticated understanding of the impact of security technology in our
     The Eptacam is an open system marketed to security systems integrators as
 a key component in a variety of surveillance installations. Because the
 Eptacam is based on established standards such as MPEG-7 and XML, systems
 integrators can quickly and easily integrate the Eptacam with commercial
 databases, rule-based decision systems, and custom-made software. Samples of
 the Eptacam will be available to selected companies for evaluation and field
 trials in Q4. Eptascape is actively pursuing partnerships for the marketing of
 its products and consulting services worldwide.
     About Eptascape
     Eptascape is a technology company focused on innovations in computer
 vision and applications of the MPEG-7 standard. Eptascape markets its products
 and consulting services to the security industry world-wide. Founded in 2005,
 Eptascape is privately held and based in Mountain View, California.
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SOURCE Eptascape, Inc.