Equality Forum Condemns Philadelphia School District

District Drops GLBT History Month and All Celebratory Months

Aug 09, 2007, 01:00 ET from Equality Forum

    PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 9 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Following protests by a
 small number of parents who wanted GLBT History Month removed from the
 2007- 2008 calendar, the Philadelphia School District dropped all
 celebratory months including Black History Month and Women's History Month.
 Last year, for the first time, school officials produced about 200,000
 calendars designating October as "Gay and Lesbian History Month."
     "It is appalling that a school district would drop months that
 recognize and educate our school children about the history and
 contributions of America's diverse fabric," stated Malcolm Lazin, Executive
 Director of Equality Forum. "It is long overdue that important national
 contributions made by gays and lesbians are openly recognized."
     Thomas Brady, the district's interim CEO, supports the decision to
 eliminate the monthly designations in the annual calendar. According to the
 Philadelphia Gay News, Brady does not plan to actively crusade for GLBT
 students nor support a GLBT-studies program in the schools. While Brady is
 for people being treated fairly and equitably, he opposes lifting the
 military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy banning openly gay
 servicemembers. "I'm very comfortable with where it is now. Fifty years
 from now and we're having this conversation, it would be different," stated
     Starting in 2006, Equality Forum produces and distributes, nationally
 and internationally, educational information for GLBT History Month each
 October. GLBT History Month 2006 and 2007 Icons include James Baldwin,
 Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, Walt Whitman, Oscar Wilde, Martina
 Navratilova, Alexander the Great, Leonard Bernstein, Leonardo da Vinci,
 Cole Porter, Harvard University Reverend Peter Gomes, among others. The
 GLBT History Month Web site (http://www.glbtHistoryMonth.com) provides for
 each Icon a video, biography, bibliography and other educational resources.
     "GLBT History Month is important for gay, lesbian, bisexual and
 transgender (GLBT) students and for the mainstream community, said Lazin.
 "The GLBT community is uniquely disadvantaged because it does not learn its
 history at home nor in public schools. It is important for young people to
 have role models, know their history and take pride in the national and
 international contributions of their community."
     Equality Forum is a national and international GLBT civil rights
 organization. Equality Forum undertakes high impact initiatives,
 coordinates GLBT History Month, produces documentary films and presents the
 largest national and international GLBT civil rights forum. For more
 information about Equality Forum, visit http://www.equalityforum.com. For
 more information about GLBT History Month, visit
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 Malcolm Lazin

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