Equality Forum Launches GLBT History Month

31 Leaders to be highlighted starting Oct. 1

Sep 28, 2006, 01:00 ET from Equality Forum

    PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Equality Forum, an international
 GLBT civil rights organization, is coordinating the launch of GLBT History
 Month. Thirty-one Leaders will be honored during October with a video,
 biography, and bibliography celebrating their achievements. GLBT History
 Month is modeled after Black and Women's History Months.
     "We want people not only to celebrate Walt Whitman, Elton John, and
 Ellen DeGeneres but to learn about Alan Turing, who broke the German Enigma
 Code and helped the Allies win World War II; Lupe Valdez, the first Latina
 and lesbian Sheriff of Dallas County, TX; and Bayard Rustin, an
 African-American colleague of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who organized
 the 1963 demonstration at the Lincoln Memorial," stated Malcolm Lazin,
 Executive Director of Equality Forum.
     Leaders were nominated by executive directors of statewide, national,
 and international GLBT organizations. The criteria for nominees are:
 national or international GLBT persons, living or deceased, distinguished
 within their field of endeavor, as national heroes, or in the GLBT civil
 rights movement. The nominees were selected by GLBT History Month Co-Chairs
 Rev. Nancy Wilson, international Moderator of the Metropolitan Community
 Churches (MCC) and Professor Kenji Yoshino, Yale Law School.
     Equality Forum has produced for each Leader a video which will be streamed
 daily on the four largest gay web portals and broadcast on the two largest gay
 television channels. Equality Forum has created a Web site
 (http://www.glbtHistoryMonth.com) with Leader videos, bios, bibliography, and
 other educational resources.
      Leaders are:
      James Baldwin
      Jean-Michel Basquiat
      Volker Beck
      John Boswell
      Ellen DeGeneres
      Barney Frank
      David Geffen
      Tim Gill
      Barbara Gittings
      Keith Haring
      James Hormel
      Elton John
      Barbara Jordan
      Father Mychal Judge
      James Kolbe
      Larry Kramer
      Leonard Matlovich
      Ian McKellen
      Harvey Milk
      Martina Navratilova
      Adrienne Rich
      Sylvia Rivera
      Bayard Rustin
      Lowell Selvin
      Andrew Sullivan
      Sheryl Swoopes
      Alan Turing
      Lupe Valdez
      Walt Whitman
      Oscar Wilde
      Phill Wilson
     Equality Forum is a 501(c)(3) GLBT civil rights organization with an
 educational focus. Equality Forum collaboratively develops and disseminates
 high-impact educational content in the form of documentary films, history
 projects, innovative initiatives and the largest annual national and
 international GLBT civil rights forum.

SOURCE Equality Forum