Espial's Evo IPTV Service Platform Added to Auroras Entertainment's IPTV Service Suite

Nov 06, 2006, 00:00 ET from Espial Group

    DALLAS, TX, Nov. 6 /PRNewswire/ - Espial(R) IPTV, the leading provider
 of IPTV middleware and applications, today announced that IPTV service
 provider Auroras Entertainment has added Espial's Evo(R) IPTV Service
 Platform as supported middleware for its IPTV service. Auroras will be
 offering a complete end-to-end solution for telcos based on Espial's
 pre-integrated solution that includes both Espial's market-leading Evo(R)
 Client and Espial's newly launched Evo(R) Server.
     Espial's Evo(R) Server is a massively scaleable, continuously
 available, and truly open IPTV service platform. Developed from the ground
 up to optimize scale, performance and total cost of ownership, Evo Server
 breaks new ground in empowering service providers to deliver winning IPTV
 services. Evo Server's features include support for multicast live TV, high
 performance EPG data management, asset management and diagnostics,
 packaging and pricing, ad server statistics, and data management for
 subscription audio, VOD, Radio TV, DVR, and PPV.
     Auroras Entertainment offers a combination of services and technologies
 that enables telecommunications providers to deploy entertainment services
 to their customers over their existing broadband IP networks. The Auroras
 solution offers service providers an end-to-end solution that can be fully
 operational within 60 days and provides up to a 90% capital expense
 reduction over a self-provisioned headend system. The Auroras solution
 includes aggregated national content encoded at MPEG-4 AVC, digital music,
 affiliate rights management, local channel encoders, and video-on demand.
     "With Espial's Evo IPTV Service Platform, we are now able to offer our
 customers the option of a full turn-key Evo-based solution from headend to
 set-top box," said Diane Smith, Auroras' Chief Executive Officer. "Espial's
 integration tools and SkinTones(TM), which can be fully customized and
 branded by our customers, enables us to provide a flexible solution for our
 customers and for them to offer their subscribers a superior quality
     Auroras is demonstrating their Evo-based IPTV solution at TelcoTV
 (booth 1023) via a working system that also includes Tilgin set-top boxes,
 Verimatrix's software-based content security technology, and Pannaway DSL
 access equipment. The multi-booth demonstration is connected to an Auroras
 satellite antenna outside the building, which will be receiving and
 distributing 40 channels of live MPEG-4 digital content, the same system
 configuration already deployed by three of Auroras' telco customers.
     "The Auroras deployments demonstrate the scalability, reliability,
 flexibility, and quality of experience that customers expect of Espial
 products," said Jaison Dolvane, Espial CEO. "And it shows that our new Evo
 Server offering has already been tested and validated by leading
     Espial's products are being deployed to over 500,000 IPTV subscribers
 and the company was recently named the #1 IPTV client middleware vendor by
 market research firm ABI
 ( With key
 customers such as Auroras, NTT, Belgacom, OnCommand, LodgeNet, and partners
 including Siemens/Myrio, Motorola, Sumitomo, Tilgin, Amino, Dasan, Thomson,
 and Philips, Espial's leadership in IPTV and consumer services spans over
 nine years. Over 2.5 million consumers have already experienced Espial
 technology, from hotel interactive TV and VOD services through OnCommand
 and LodgeNet, to interactive interfaces in BMW vehicles and Hitachi TVs, to
 leading deployments with Telcos in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.
     Espial's Evo(R) IPTV Service Platform is in high demand by carriers
 rolling out IPTV services. Evo's modularity, turbo-fast performance, and
 openness have attracted service provider customers across the globe and
 driven Espial's IPTV revenue growth to 100% annually over the past three
 years. Evo is the only IPTV platform available that allows operators to
 purchase best-of-breed components separately or as part of a pre-integrated
 client-server middleware solution.
     Espial provides IPTV middleware and applications that are modular,
 fully skinnable, turbo-fast, and truly open. Espial's Evo(R) IPTV Service
 Platform, which can be purchased as best-of-breed components or as part of
 a pre-integrated client-server solution, includes Evo(R) Client, Evo(R)
 Server, Evo Future-Proof Framework(TM) (FPF), and applications such as
 SkinTones(TM), Electronic Program Guide, Video on Demand, Content Portal,
 Games, Triple Play, and Web Browser. Espial products have been integrated
 with or deployed by more than 100 vendors and operators including Auroras,
 Siemens, Motorola, Sumitomo Electric Networks, Amino, Thomson, Philips,
 UPC, Tilgin, LodgeNet, OnCommand and S-Net Systems.
     About Auroras (
     Auroras Entertainment provides a combination of services and
 technologies that enables service providers to deploy entertainment
 services to their customers over their existing broadband IP networks. The
 Auroras solution offers service providers up to a 90% capital expense
 reduction over a self-provisioned headend system. To provide these
 services, Auroras receives over 200 channels of video and over 50 digital
 music channels at its master headend. This content is encoded utilizing
 MPEG4 AVC and encrypted with 128-bit AES technology. This groomed content
 is delivered via satellite to the service providers' site, where an IPTV
 Gateway is deployed. The content is then passed over the service provider's
 network to a set top box in the subscriber's home where the content is
 decrypted and viewed. The service includes Digitization and Transport
 Rights, wholesale Affiliate Rights, a complete Video-On-Demand Component,
 IP Set Top Boxes, and complete 24/7 on-call and on-site customer support.
 Auroras Entertainment was founded in 2003. Based in Kalispell, Montana,
 Auroras Entertainment also maintains offices in New York City, NY, Austin,
 TX and Seattle, WA.

SOURCE Espial Group