Estate Management LTD is Selling a 56.6 ha Land Plot 25 km off the Moscow Ring Road

Apr 18, 2011, 08:13 ET from Estate Management LTD

ST PETERSBURG, Russia, April 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Estate management LTD is offering for sale a 56.6 hectare land plot 25 km off the Moscow Ring Road in the direction of the city of Dmitrov. Land plot details are as follows: Ozeretskoye township, Gabovskiy Rural Area, Dmitrov District, Moscow Region. The price is 1,132,000,000 RuR (2,000 RuR per 1 m2 of land).

The land plot is registered as "Lands of residential areas" and has the permit for construction of industrial, warehouse, utility and other similar sites. Design documentation for building a 213,000 m2 logistics complex with a 16 hectare container yard is available.

Distances from the land plot to various sites:

- Small Moscow regional ring road (Maloye Betonnoye Kol'tso - A107) - 10 km;

- Sheremetyavo airport - 6 km;

- Moscow Ring Road - 25 km.

The plot was previously used by the CJSC Ostankino pig farm. Presently non-operational. The complex included buildings and facilities of various types. The plot has a railroad spur from the Lobnya railroad station (5.9 km).

    The plot incorporates the following utility networks:
    1. 15 Gcal/hour boiler house;
    2. Water pumping including:
    - Three artesian wells;
    - 250 m3 underground tank;
    - II tier pumping station;
    - Water tower;
    3. Sewage system pumping station;
    4. Three 6/0.4 KVA transformer substations;

5. 6KV open-wire transmission line from the Central Distribution Point TsRP-17;

6. Centralized natural gas supply is technically possible - gas pipeline is passing along the plot.

Detailed information about the land plot can be found at

Additional information:

Estate Management LTD is an affiliated company of the OJSC Bank VTB and an agent for managing and selling non-core assets of the North-western regional center of OJSC Bank VTB, namely real estate lots including trade, office, industrial, warehouse premises and land plots for residential and commercial construction projects in 22 regions of the Russian Federation.

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