Ethentica Revolutionizes Mobile Computing World With Touch Verification Product

The Ethenticator(TM) MS 3000 Eliminates Passwords and Secures Laptops

Jun 27, 2000, 01:00 ET from Ethentica

    NEW YORK, June 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Ethentica, a Safeguard Scientifics
 (NYSE:   SFE) partner company, today announced shipment of its first-ever touch
 verification (fingerprint biometric) product that eliminates the need for
 passwords in the growing area of mobile computing and commerce.  The
 Ethenticator(TM) MS 3000 is a Type II touch verification PC Card with a
 patent-pending pop-out fingerprint sensor.  With an introductory price of
 $199, the Ethenticator offers cost savings, convenience and security to mobile
     The Ethenticator MS 3000 replaces and secures the log in procedure,
 protects the data on the user's laptop and offers a "Password Lock Box".  The
 Password Lock Box allows the user to store user name and password information
 for any Windows-based application or Web-based form and release it upon
 fingerprint verification by the user, thereby eliminating the need for
 passwords.  In addition, Ethentica's fingerprint biometric technology provides
 a one-to-one match in order to Ethenticate an individual's identity.  A
 one-to-one match ensures that the user has control of his or her privacy.
     Today, most companies' security standards -- often simple password systems
 -- are costly to maintain and not secure.  The industry understands that
 passwords alone do not offer adequate protection against insecurity.  After
 all, 80 percent of password users choose predictable passwords and PINS.  In
 addition, passwords are expensive and laborious to maintain costing the
 average company $200 a year per user, according to numerous analyst firms
 including Forrester and Gartner Group.
     "This product is truly breakthrough because it eliminates the need for
 passwords thus giving the mobile computer user better security and more
 convenience.  Essentially, your finger is your password -- it is that simple,"
 said Doug Antone, CEO of Ethentica.  "Many companies have promised biometric
 products like this, but ours is the first that actually works, is commercially
 acceptable and at the right price point.  We believe it will be the winner in
 the marketplace."
     Ethentica also announced this morning the agreement to perform a series of
 pilots for the Ethenticator MS 3000 with key global companies including
 Hallmark, The Fujitsu Group, Compucom, Amdahl, and DeLaRue.
     The Ethenticator MS 3000 is driven by SecureSuite - a powerful group of
 software applications designed to provide security and ease-of-use to users.
 Installing in just minutes with the aid of an intuitive setup wizard, it
     -- SecureStart - Instantly recognizes your fingerprint and allows you, and
        only you, to log on to your computer.  Perfect for local and remote
        network logon.
     -- SecureSession - Simply register your password once with SecureSession
        and access confidential documents, online exchanges or your private
        investment trading account.
     -- Secure ScreenSaver - Protect your valuable data from roving eyes while
        you're on the road or in the office.  You turn it on and only your
        touch turns it off.
     -- SecureSuite Administrator - Powerful administrative tools allow you to
        determine access for different users -- all based on their
     The Ethenticator MS 3000 merges Ethentica's patented TactileSense(TM)
 fingerprint biometric sensor with the portability and usability of a Type II
 PC card enabling the product to be used on any standard laptop.  Ethentica and
 Philips Flat Display Systems (FDS), a business group of Royal Philips
 Electronics of the Netherlands (NYSE:   PHG), have utilized the TactileSense
 technology on a thin glass engineered by Philips, creating a uniquely thin
 solution.  The use of this technology allows the sensor to be no larger than a
 postage stamp and less than 1/8-inch thick.  In addition, Philips is
 manufacturing the glass for Ethentica's line of biometric products.
     For more information or to order the Ethenticator MS 3000, please visit
 the company's web site at or call 1-877-660-5353.
     Ethentica is exhibiting in booth #1525 at PC Expo in New York June 27
 through 29.  The company's CEO, Doug Antone, and executive chairman, Alex
 Dickinson, will conduct a news/web conference on June 27 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern
 time from the floor of PC Expo to discuss the evolution of their company, the
 future for authentication management and the Ethenticator MS 3000.  For
 information on how to participate in the news/web conference, please call
     About Ethentica
     An XL Vision and Safeguard Scientifics (NYSE:   SFE) partner company,
 Ethentica is headquartered in Lake Forest, Calif. with offices in Dallas,
 Maryland, London and Taiwan.  In addition to offering breakthrough
 Ethentication(TM) solutions to its customers, Ethentica's family of
 TactileSense(TM) technologies enhances security and convenience by eliminating
 passwords in corporate networks, Internet transactions, home computers and
 consumer electronics devices.  The company was originally founded as Who?
 Vision Systems, Inc. in 1997.  For further information, please visit the
 company at

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