Eurand Announces Winners of 2006 Eurand Award Program

- Innovative Research Presented at Controlled Release Society's 33rd Annual

Meeting -

Sep 08, 2006, 01:00 ET from Eurand

    MILAN, Italy and VANDALIA, Ohio, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Eurand, a
 specialty pharmaceutical company, and the Controlled Release Society (CRS)
 today announced the winners of the 2006 Eurand Award Program, which honors
 innovation in oral drug delivery. The winners presented their research at
 the 33rd Annual CRS Meeting in Vienna, Austria.
     The Eurand Award Grand Prize was awarded to Dr. Tejal Desai, who is a
 Professor at the Department of Physiology and Bioengineering, University of
 California, San Francisco. Dr. Desai presented work carried out in
 association with Sarah Tao on the use of silicon-based micro-machined
 devices for the controlled delivery of oral therapeutics.
     The Second Prize was awarded to Puchun Liu, Senior Director in Drug
 Delivery at Emisphere Technologies, Inc., Tarrytown, N.Y., for his
 presentation of work carried out in association with Jun Liao, Miriam
 Kidron, Ehud Arbit and Steven Dinh on the oral delivery of insulin using
 Emisphere's eligen(R) technology.
     An Honorable Mention was awarded to Tae Kyoung Kim, a Senior Scientist
 at Banner Pharmacaps, High Point, NC for work carried out with Amber
 Raiford and Aqeel Fatmi on an extended release drug delivery system,
 Versatrol(TM), for use in soft gelatin capsules.
     Bill Charman from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia was given the
 Career Achievement Award for his outstanding contribution to oral drug
     "This program is an important one and it provides recognition, support
 and some much-needed funding for those working to advance the drug delivery
 industry. We congratulate all of this year's winners and thank the
 Controlled Release Society for its continued promotion and support of the
 drug delivery field," commented Gearoid Faherty, Chief Executive Officer of
     Grand Prize Winner
     Dr. Tejal Desai's presentation showed how geometrically designed
 polymer- based micro-devices, which also have a relatively simple
 manufacturing process, exhibit properties that are not found in traditional
 spherical particulate systems. In particular, these devices demonstrate
 enhanced cellular adhesion and the paracellular transport of the
 therapeutic molecules that they are fabricated to deliver.
     Dr. Desai directs the Laboratory of Therapeutic Micro and
 Nanotechnology. Her research combines methods and materials originally used
 for micro-electro- mechanical systems to create drug delivery systems. Dr.
 Desai has authored over 80 papers and is an associate editor of a number of
 publications. Dr. Desai has received awards for both her leadership and
 teaching and was named by Technology Review Magazine as one of the Nation's
 "Top 100 Young Innovators" and was awarded the College of Engineering's
 Best Advisor/Teacher Award.
     "The Eurand Award Evaluation Board was once again very impressed by the
 quality and quantity of applications for the Grand Prize award. The work of
 Dr. Desai was distinctive as a result of its ability to combine novelty
 with practicality. This technology has the potential to become something
 truly distinct in what is an increasingly well-developed field." said Dr.
 Stephen Perrett, Corporate Technology Director at Eurand.
     Second Prize Winner
     Dr. Puchun Liu's presentation explored the impact of dosage form and
 site on oral insulin absorption. In the model used, it was demonstrated
 that absorption site and dosage form do influence the levels of insulin
     Dr. Liu is currently Senior Director of Drug Delivery at Emisphere
 Technologies, Inc. Dr. Liu obtained his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics from the
 University of Utah in 1989. Prior to joining Emisphere in early 2000, he
 had worked in pharmaceutical R&D at Ciba-Geigy and Novartis for 11 years.
 Dr. Liu has published 30 articles, over 100 abstracts and several patents,
 and has edited one book in the field. He is an adjunct professor at 3
     Honorable Mention
     Dr. Tae Kyoung Kim's work demonstrated how sustained-release drug
 dosage forms can be constructed from a semi-solid system filled into soft
 gelatin capsules.
     Dr. Tae Kyoung Kim earned his DEA diploma and Ph.D. degree in 1999 at
 the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Montpellier I, France. Dr. Kim began
 working for Banner Pharmacaps Inc., High Point, NC, U.S.A. as a Senior
 Scientist in December 2001. He is responsible for formulation, in vitro
 permeability and clinical studies of Banner's projects.
     Career Achievement Winner in Oral Drug Delivery
     In addition to the research awards, the Eurand Award Evaluation Board
 honored Professor Bill Charman for his outstanding contribution to the
 field of oral drug delivery.
     Bill Charman is Professor of Pharmaceutics and the Director of the
 Centre for Drug Candidate Optimization at the Victorian College of
 Pharmacy, Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. His research interests
 include the bioavailability of poorly water-soluble drugs, lymphatic drug
 transport, and drug candidate optimization. He has published over 320
 scientific papers and communications. He is an Associate Editor of the
 Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, a fellow of AAPS and a member of
 various Scientific Advisory Boards.
     Professor Charman delivered the keynote address at the Eurand Awards
 Special Session, entitled "Lipids, Lipophilic Drugs and Oral Drug
 Delivery." Professor Charman discussed the implications of recent
 discoveries concerning the colloidal environment of the GI tract and its
 impact on the choice of lipid carriers. Professor Charman also discussed
 the targeting of lymphatic uptake by lipid systems and the interactions of
 lipids with enterocyte binding proteins and the ability of this interaction
 to up-regulate transportation pathways.
     "It is a pleasure for us to recognize the Scientist behind such an
 extensive body of high caliber work. Professor Charman made a major
 contribution to the science of drug delivery; this has not only been
 through his own efforts but also through the inspiration that his
 enthusiasm and excellence gives to new generations of scientists" Dr.
 Perrett said.
     Now in its seventh year, the Eurand Awards Program, which is sponsored
 by Eurand and held in conjunction with the Controlled Release Society, is
 regarded as a premier industry award and is designed to encourage,
 recognize and reward innovative approaches in oral drug delivery. Over the
 past seven years, the Eurand Award has been presented to the most
 innovative scientists in the field for their outstanding research efforts
 and for their work in advancing oral drug delivery.
     The 2006 Eurand Award Evaluation Board consists of Committee Chair: Ian
 Wilding, Ian Wilding Associates Ltd., Nottingham U.K., and former CEO
 Pharmaceutical Profiles, Nottingham, U.K. Committee Members: Dr. Leslie
 Benet, University of California, San Francisco; Vincent Lee, FDA,
 Rockville, MD.
     About Eurand
     Eurand is a specialty pharmaceutical company that develops enhanced
 pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products based on its proprietary drug
 delivery technologies. The company has had three products approved by the
 FDA since 2000 and has an extensive pipeline of products in development for
 itself and its partners. The company's most advanced development product, a
 treatment for exocrine pancreatic insufficiency associated with cystic
 fibrosis and other diseases, is currently undergoing Phase III clinical
 trials in the United States. Eurand's technology platforms include:
 bioavailability enhancement of poorly soluble drugs, customized release,
 taste masking/fast- dissolving formulations, and drug conjugation.
     Eurand is a global company with 500 employees and annual revenue of
 more than $100 million. The company has research, development and
 manufacturing facilities throughout the world. Eurand is based in Milan,
 Italy, and Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A. with additional facilities in Trieste,
 Italy and Paris, France. For more information, visit Eurand's website at
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