Evera Medical Announces the Two-Year Mark Since the First Treatment With its Saline-Filled Facial Implant

Oct 29, 2007, 01:00 ET from Evera Medical

    FOSTER CITY, Calif., Oct. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Evera Medical, a medical
 device company that commercializes small, saline-adjustable facial implants
 for a range of indications, today announced it has been two years since the
 first patient was treated. No serious adverse events have been reported.
     "We are extremely pleased with the performance of our novel tissue
 augmentation products. The safety and effectiveness that has been
 demonstrated are very encouraging." said Dr. Michael D. Lesh, Chairman and
 CEO of Evera Medical.
     Dr. James Newman, an internationally-regarded facial plastic surgeon
 from Stanford University in California and a pioneer in saline-filled
 augmentation, presented the Evera experience at the recent annual New York
 Aging Face Conference. "As of September 1, 670 devices have been implanted.
 We have not seen any serious complications. This is a remarkable record of
 safety for an implant intended for permanent augmentation," commented Dr.
 Newman. "The fact that the implant can be removed if the patient desires a
 different look is a real bonus. Patients are treated in the office during a
 simple procedure that typically takes around 15 minutes. Patient
 satisfaction is quite high."
     Evera's products, which are marketed as FulFil(TM) Soft Tissue Implant
 internationally, and VeraFil(TM) Augmentation Implant domestically, consist
 of a very thin, stretchy balloon, which when filled with saline, are
 designed to replicate the supple, compliant look and feel of youthful
 tissue. During patient treatment, the product is filled with saline (our
 natural tissue fluid), which can be added or removed until the desired
 degree of enhancement is achieved. A micro-valve prevents fluid from
 escaping. The devices are coated with a highly biocompatible material using
 a proprietary method designed for limited tissue attachment. This unique
 feature allows the implant to maintain the soft, conformal characteristics
 imparted by the liquid fill. Evera's products are designed to provide
 permanent, predictable volume augmentation, yet to be completely
     "More than 70 physicians have treated patients with our implants. Both
 physicians and patients have expressed a high degree of satisfaction. We
 expect adoption to continue to grow as a result of these favorable
 outcomes," remarked Dr. Lesh. The company is pursuing regulatory clearance
 for an expanded range of products.
     Dr. Newman added that "some dermal fillers last only a few months.
 Others that might last longer are difficult or impossible to remove, even
 if there is a complication. The lips are especially vulnerable. That's the
 nice thing about the Evera implants. The look is permanent and predictable,
 but it can be reversed."
     Evera Medical is based in Foster City, California. This medical device
 company's mission is to provide tissue augmentation implants for a variety
 of applications, including the lips and area around the eye. The company's
 products make use of its proprietary, saline-adjustable multilayer
 technology. That technology aims to create a natural-feeling and
 natural-looking treatment that is an alternative to the cost and
 inconvenience of the repeated therapy that might otherwise be required to
 achieve enduring augmentation.
     Outside the United States, the company markets FulFil(TM), which was
 issued the CE Mark in April for augmentation of facial soft tissue,
 including lip augmentation, and VeraFil(TM), which was cleared by the US
 FDA for augmentation and reconstruction in and around the orbit of the eye.
 There were approximately two million dermal filler procedures in the U.S.
 in 2006, an increase of 25 percent over the prior year, according to the
 American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
     Further information about the company is available at
 http://www.everamedical.com or by calling 650-525-9750.

SOURCE Evera Medical