Everest Biomedical Forms Research Alliance With NYU

Jun 07, 2005, 01:00 ET from Everest Biomedical Instruments Company

    ST. LOUIS, June 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Everest Biomedical Instruments Company,
 based in St. Louis, announced today its alliance with New York University
 School of Medicine's Brain Research Laboratory (BRL).  The agreement provides
 Everest with exclusive rights to a number of patents and patent applications
 from the laboratory.   BRL's patented information covers the fields of
 electroencephalography (EEG), neurodiagnostics, neurotherapy, brain function
 scanning and anesthesia, analgesia and amnesia monitoring.  Terms of the
 agreement were not disclosed.
     Access to BRL's intellectual property will accelerate Everest's
 commercialization of novel brain-state neurological assessment devices.
 Designed to assist physicians in screening and evaluating patients with an
 altered mental status, Everest's new product plans include creation of a
 handheld device, the BrainScope(TM), that produces automatic, functional
 brain-state assessments. The technology could lead to improved results and
 more efficient care for patients suffering from traumatic brain injuries,
 strokes, seizures, Alzheimer's disease and various psychiatric disorders.
     "Existing neurological diagnostic devices, such as computed tomography
 (CT) scanner, can identify structural or anatomical problems but cannot assess
 the brain's functional status in a timely manner," says Elvir Causevic,
 Everest Biomedical founder and president.  "Moreover in emergency situations,
 definitive results from currently used tests can take hours or even days.  By
 applying the BRL data to our proven handheld technology platform, we'll bring
 to market emergency-care tools that help physicians know within minutes the
 patient's functional brain status as an adjunct for relevant and timely
     "This university-industrial partnership with Everest allows us to take our
 20 years of research and transform this knowledge into practical tools that
 will support physicians' practices, offer broad psychiatric clinical
 applications and benefit the general population," adds Roy John, Ph.D., NYU
 professor of psychiatry and Director of BRL.
     About Everest Biomedical Instruments Company
     Everest Biomedical Instruments Company products address unmet clinical
 needs in the areas of infant hearing screening, anesthesia monitoring and
 neurological assessment.  The company's proprietary technology incorporates
 the sciences of electroencephalography, evoked potentials and computerized
 neurometric assessment.  Using the latest advances in digital signal
 processing, patented applied mathematics and miniaturized hardware, Everest's
 handheld devices are capable of acquiring and automatically processing
 electrical brain patterns to provide functional neurological assessment at the
 patient's bedside. For more information, visit http://www.everest-co.com or
 call 866.662.8346.

SOURCE Everest Biomedical Instruments Company