Evermore Integrated Office Takes New Steps on Long March to Liberate Computer Users in US, Japan, China From Microsoft Office Monoculture

Innovative Office Suite Delivers Total Document Integration Under Windows,


Dec 08, 2004, 00:00 ET from Evermore Software LLC

    BEIJING, Dec. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- China's leading developer of Office
 software today introduced the advanced edition of Evermore Integrated Office
 for computer users in the United States, Japan and China.
     Available in four international languages -- English, Traditional and
 Simplified Chinese, and Japanese -- Evermore Integrated Office 2004 Advanced
 (EIOffice 2004A) enhances performances, operates faster and includes new
 features requested by enterprise and small business.
     "EIOffice 2004 Advanced is the next step on the long march to liberate
 computer users from the Microsoft Office monoculture," said Gus Tsao,
 president and chief executive officer of Evermore Software LLC,
     The Chinese edition of EIOffice won all five educational contracts awarded
 in September 2004 by China's Ministry of Education, which cited, in part, the
 Science Editor built into EIOffice.  The Science Editor eliminates the need
 for add-on math/science software.  EIOffice users may illustrate complex
 experiments and equations that describe reactions in any active file,
 selecting from over 1000 science/math symbols and equation templates.
     The perfect contract sweep took place just weeks after EIOffice dominated
 its four domestic competitors in three independent evaluations of Office
 productivity software organized by China's Ministry of Science and Technology.
     Introduced to US users in May 2004, the innovative desktop software is the
 "First Real Office."  Written in Java and running under both Windows(R) and
 Linux, EIOffice 2004A is the ideal solution for businesses that run
 open-source and proprietary operating systems.  It integrates into one program
 spreadsheet, word processor and business graphics functions that conventional
 Office suites force users to launch and run as separate applications.
 EIOffice 2004A also includes an array of productivity tools for working with
 and migrating from worksheets, documents and presentations produced with
 conventional Office suites that monopolize the desktop.
      EIOffice 2004A innovations include:
      * Better, faster, more-intuitive methods of moving between files and
        documents, including an improved Navigation Pane and Go To Toolbar,
        with the ability to browse text documents by page, section, comment,
        footnote, endnote, field, table, graphic, heading or line.
      * Customizable menus, toolbars and quick keys that enable users to
        configure, reconfigure, rename and adapt menus, toolbars, functions and
        shortcuts for specific projects and business requirements.
      * A deeper level of document management and integration that eliminates
        the complex hyperlinking and embedding needed to link data in other
        Office suites.  EIOffice stores all related spreadsheets, reports and
        presentations in a single binder for use with Evermore's innovative
        "Paste Link" command, which makes synchronizing an entire project as
        easy as cut and paste.
      * Update a presentation as you speak. Evermore's patented DOORS
        technology seamlessly transitions between an active presentation and
        working documents that contain the tables, charts and text used to
        generate that presentation.  Changes to the active presentation and
        working documents will automatically update in all following slides.
      * Import and export Microsoft Office xls, doc and ppt files, including
        graphics, slides, charts and tables with greater accuracy and ease.
        Insert Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents directly into the active
        EIOffice binder, edit these documents and then export back to Excel,
        Word or PowerPoint formats.
      * Using the Save As command, create Pdf documents directly, using
        EIOffice, in one simple step. There is no need for a separate Pdf
      * Integrated email, permitting users to send the active binder --
        including all attached spreadsheets, text documents and slides, as an
        attachment to an email message using your default email software.
      * Integrate multimedia into any binder, document, worksheet and
        presentation.  Evermore's DOORS technology supports .bmp, .jpeg, .jpg,
        .gif, .png, .tif, .fpx, .tiff, .dib, .tga, .pgm, .ppm and .efm graphic
        files, .mp3, .mid, .wav, .au, .aiff, .aif, .aifc, .midi, .rmf and .snd
        audio files, and .avi, .mpeg, .mpg, and .mov video files.
      * Page Setup, Print and other functions, now mimic Microsoft Office
        commands more closely.  Based on the Microsoft Office user experience
        no extra training is needed when Microsoft users switch to EIOffice
     The English, Chinese and Japanese-language editions of EIOffice 2004A are
 available immediately.
     Regularly priced at $398 USD for five years, and $149 USD for one year of
 upgrades and unlimited support, EIOffice 2004A also introduces a "resellers
 package" for distributors, resellers and OEMs priced at $49.95.  Corporate and
 educational site licenses are also available.
     About Evermore:
     Evermore Software LLC, www.evermoresw.com, is China's leading developer of
 Office software.  Founded in 2000, the company is a privately-held joint
 venture with the Wuxi New District Economic Development Corporation.  Evermore
 is committed to working with and seeks worldwide distribution, reseller and
 OEM agreements, corporate and educational site licenses.
      US offices:
      Evermore Software LLC
      1101 Northridge Place
      Monterey Park, CA. 91754
      fax: 323-267-1266

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