EverTrac, Inc. and RoyalTek Company Limited Partner to Bring World-Class Location-Aware & Telematics Solutions to the Global Marketplace

EverTrac's Location-aware eBusiness Solutions Will Leverage and Integrate

With RoyalTek Telematics, Mobile-Computing, and GPS devices

Jul 17, 2000, 01:00 ET from EverTrac

    ISLANDIA, N.Y., and TAO YUAN CITY, Taiwan R.O.C., July 17 /PRNewswire/ --
 EverTrac, Inc., (http://www.evertrac.com) a US based joint venture of Computer
 Associates International, Inc. (CA) and United Microelectronics Corporation,
 and RoyalTek, a high technology manufacturer, in Taiwan, announced a strategic
 partnership to jointly develop and deliver geography-enabled mobile eBusiness
     EverTrac deploys highly intelligent "location-aware" eBusiness solutions.
 RoyalTek designs, manufactures and markets state-of-the-art telematics,
 communications, navigation, entertainment and multimedia systems.  The two
 companies are aiming to take advantage of the exploding marketplace for
 location-aware eBusiness, mCommerce and eCRM application.  EverTrac's
 solutions are built on leading edge technologies from Computer Associates,
 which integrate with RoyalTek's advanced technologies as well as
 Telematics-enabled devices.
     EverTrac's goal is to help organizations advance their traditional
 eBusiness model to a global, geography- and location-aware business platform
 by combining the world's most advanced communications technologies with CA's
 Unicenter TNG, the industry's leading eBusiness software.  Regardless of size,
 or the business they are in, organizations can track, locate and manage
 dynamic information related to their customers, mobile assets and valuable
 corporate resources.  Businesses not only know where their assets are anywhere
 and anytime but they can use that information to improve their business and
 serve their customers better.
     "Location awareness has to be an essential component of any successful
 eBusiness strategy in today's global, mobile, wireless marketplace," said
 Imran Anwar, CEO of EverTrac.  "RoyalTek's ability to deliver market-specific
 'black box' technologies for GPS and communications will help us deliver our
 location-tracking and fleet management solutions to a very wide range of
 markets, particularly in Asia and Europe.  Their telematics, navigation and
 in-vehicle multimedia systems tied to our software and services platform
 expands that which we provide our clients in the transportation, automotive
 and logistics markets.  EverTrac is looking forward to working with RoyalTek
 and continue to offer our clients leading-edge technology now and in the
     "EverTrac is in a unique position to deliver complete location-aware
 eBusiness solutions on a global scale," said RoyalTek's President Jin Su.
 "Our goal is to serve the needs of the mobile commerce marketplace by
 integrating with the leading edge location-aware eBusiness platform of
 EverTrac and leveraging EverTrac's access to a global sales, services and
 support organization."
     EverTrac is the leading supplier of location-aware eBusiness solutions.
 It is a joint venture between Computer Associates International, Inc., the
 world's leading business software company, and United Microelectronics Corp.,
 a world-leading manufacturer of semiconductor products.  The U.S.-based joint
 venture offers a next-generation platform for Global Positioning System
 (GPS)-based eBusiness and location aware management applications.
     For more information about EverTrac, please call 1-888-227-7666 or email
     RoyalTek Company Limited, established in 1997, is the customer-oriented
 supplier in the booming market of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) related
 products for widespread consumer and commercial use. RoyalTek develops,
 manufactures, and markets the products including hand-held GPS, in-vehicle
 navigation systems, auto PCs, GPS engine board, GPS mouse (G-mouse), GPS
 module for PDA, and GPS locator for fleet management systems.
     RoyalTek products, with novel GPS devices, can help locate objects in
 difficult places and in emergency situations as well as help drivers, and
 fishermen to navigate. RoyalTek combines GPS solutions with telecommunications
 and entertainment systems that generate consumer excitement and leverage the
 latest trends in consumer electronics.  RoyalTek can be found on the Web at
     For more information about RoyalTek, please e-mail to info@royaltek.com.
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