Everyday Health Announces Strategic Partnership with Wildflower Health

Furthering Everyday Health Investment in Maternity Solutions and Support for Payors

Jun 03, 2015, 10:00 ET from Everyday Health, Inc.

NEW YORK, June 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Everyday Health, Inc. (NYSE: EVDY), a leading digital health and wellness company, today announced a strategic partnership with Wildflower Health. Through this partnership, Everyday Health expands its suite of offerings to help health plans and employers reach and engage pregnant women earlier in their pregnancies to improve health outcomes and reduce medical costs.

The partnership combines the success of the popular What to Expect digital franchise, which offers pregnant women engaging content, mobile tools and resources to ensure healthier pregnancies with Wildflower Health's Due Date Plus, a smartphone-based maternity program that identifies high-risk pregnancies and drives appropriate actions based on health plan benefits and resources.

"Healthy pregnancies lead to healthy babies," said Heidi Murkoff, creator of What to Expect. "This new collaboration complements our efforts to ensure moms get access to the support and information they need right from the start of their pregnancies."

Increased medical costs resulting from pregnancy complications are a major concern for both parents and health insurers. Approximately 11% of U.S. babies are born prematurely, and these high risk pregnancies can cost up to 20 times more than full-term births, resulting in a $26.2 billion annual cost burden on the U.S. healthcare system. Early detection and support can help reduce the risk and costs resulting from pregnancy complications, but health insurers and employers do not typically learn whether their members or employees are pregnant until the second trimester.

"We are connecting payors and expectant mothers very early in the pregnancy journey to identify women who can benefit from existing programs and resources," said Miki Kapoor, Everyday Health's President of Healthcare Solutions. "This results in healthier pregnancies while substantially reducing costs for everyone."

Everyday Health operates the What to Expect website and mobile applications, which are industry-leading digital resources for pregnant women. In 2014, approximately 75% of pregnant women in the U.S. visited the What to Expect digital platform. About 50% of pregnant women registered to receive personalized content tailored to their pregnancy and on average engage with What to Expect 17 times per month. Importantly, nearly 60% of these registrations occurred before the 10th week of pregnancy, much sooner than health insurers identify pregnant women via claims data and are able to implement maternity programs.

"Through this innovative partnership, we will provide customers with unparalleled risk identification, engagement and intervention that can meaningfully reduce medical costs," said Leah Sparks, CEO and co-Founder of Wildflower Health. "We are excited to team with Everyday Health to increase our reach to pregnant women and scale this solution into the health plan, employer and Medicaid markets."

The partnership includes Wildflower Health's enterprise mobile application platform that is branded for health plans and built on a HIPAA-compliant architecture for both iOS and Android operating systems.

Everyday Health and Wildflower Health are exhibiting together at America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Institute 2015 meeting on June 3-5 in Nashville, Tennessee. To learn more, visit booth 1127 or email pregnancy@everydayhealthinc.com.

About Wildflower Health
Wildflower Health produces mobile health programs that help families better connect to healthcare and help clients drive behaviors that lower costs and improve quality. The company's flagship program is Due Date Plus, a smartphone-based maternity program that engages women on mobile devices, identifies high-risk pregnancies, and drives appropriate actions based on health plan benefits, provider resources, and local programs. Due Date Plus is configured for health enterprise clients to reflect their health services and benefits, and is distributed through enterprise channels. The program includes fully HIPAA-compliant data analytics and reporting services as well as enterprise-level software maintenance and support. Due Date Plus is used by health plan and Medicaid clients nationwide to improve health engagement and clinical outcomes during the prenatal and postnatal period.

What to Expect 
What to Expect is Heidi Murkoff's best-selling and world-renowned resource for all things pregnancy and parenting. From the bestselling What to Expect books, WhatToExpect.com and the popular What to Expect apps, more than 40 million families worldwide have relied on the original content and innovative tools every step of the way from conception through the toddler years and beyond. The digital suite of What to Expect offerings is published by Everyday Health.

With a mission to be the leading digital resource for parents and parents-to-be, complete with expert information and a vibrant community, What to Expect delivers valuable information, must-have resources and supportive community advice. Join the What to Expect conversation on Facebook, Twitter (@WhatToExpect), and Pinterest.

About Everyday Health, Inc.
Everyday Health, Inc. (NYSE: EVDY) is a leading provider of digital health and wellness solutions. Everyday Health attracts a large and engaged audience of consumers and healthcare professionals to its premier health and wellness properties, and utilizes its data and analytics expertise to deliver highly personalized content experiences and efficient and effective marketing and engagement solutions. Everyday Health enables consumers to manage their daily health and wellness needs, healthcare professionals to stay informed and make better decisions for their patients, and health payors, providers and marketers to communicate and engage with consumers and healthcare professionals to drive better health outcomes. Everyday Health's content and solutions are delivered through multiple channels, including desktop, mobile web, and mobile phone and tablet applications, as well as video and social media.

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