Evident Technologies in Commercial Production Of Proprietary Biotin Activated Quantum Dots

Biotin EviFluors(R) Offer Unique Advantages for Life Science Research

Jul 08, 2004, 01:00 ET from Evident Technologies, Inc.

    TROY, N.Y., July 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Evident Technologies, Inc. announced
 today that it has begun commercial production of its first biotinylated
 quantum dot fluorophores. The Biotin EviFluor(R) is available in wavelengths
 from blue to near infrared. The unique quantum dot EviFluor(R) offers
 significant advantages over traditional fluorophores, and can enable next
 generation applications in cell biology, drug discovery, cancer research and
 many other fields.
     Quantum dots are semiconductor nanocrystals that fluoresce when excited by
 a light source, emitting bright colors that can identify and track properties
 and processes in various biological applications. "The Biotin EviFluors(R)
 offer advantages over traditional fluors and dyes including a wider range of
 colors, brighter emission, increased stability and help advance research,"
 according to Clint Ballinger, Ph.D., CEO of Evident.
     "To our knowledge, our Biotin EviFluor is the first biotin quantum dot
 label produced using three semiconductor materials systems to achieve the
 widest range of wavelengths including near infrared," said Ballinger. "This
 allows product developers to create entirely new forms of assays, and has the
 potential to create a new set of tools for the life science researcher."
     Biotin EviFluors(R) offer advantages of photostability, which enables
 long-term analysis, and color multiplexing on a single platform to examine
 simultaneously multiple variables. EviFluors(R) are easily excited with broad
 light sources, have sharp emission peaks and no red side tailing. For more
 information on Biotin EviFluors(R), please go to
     "EviFluors are the new quantum dot product that emits out to 900 nm, and
 is useful for life science applications. The ability to work with material
 that emits in the NIR decreases background noise in living cell applications.
 This opens up new opportunities in many life science fields," said Dr. Jeff Li,
 Researcher, Harvard University.
     "We have been very encouraged by our work with Evident's new material
 which has demonstrated increased brightness and less background noise than
 other quantum dot products. The greater photostability and increased ability
 to multiplex will enhance the tools we provide to our life science customers
 for visualization and detection platforms," said Albert Perry, Ph.D., CEO of
 KPL, Inc.
     Evident is a leading worldwide commercial source for quantum dot based
 nanocrystals and a pioneer in developing product applications for the life
 sciences, solid state lighting, energy, security, telecommunications, and
 emergent nanotechnology markets. See http://www.evidenttech.com.

SOURCE Evident Technologies, Inc.