Evident Technologies Receives 2005 Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Innovation in Quantum Dots

Non-heavy Metal Quantum Dots Create New Product Opportunities

Oct 26, 2005, 01:00 ET from Evident Technologies, Inc.

    TROY, N.Y., Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Evident Technologies, Inc., a pioneer
 in the development of advanced quantum dot nanomaterials, today announced the
 company has received a top industry honor, the 2005 Frost & Sullivan
 Technology Innovation Award in the field of nanomaterials.
     The Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Innovation recognizes Evident
 for its overall contributions to innovation in the field of quantum dots, and
 in particular, its development of the company's T2-MP EviTags(TM) quantum dot
     Evident's non heavy-metal quantum dot-based fluorescent label offers
 reduced toxicity and can enable a wide variety of novel life science
 applications ranging from clinical diagnostics to cell microscopy and in vivo
 imaging where they could allow cancer researchers to more readily find and
 identify tumors. Evident's T2-MP EviTags(TM) can also be used for bio-threat
 detection and a broad spectrum of optoelectronic applications such as solar
 cells, flat panel displays and light emitting diodes.
     "Researchers have been seeking non-cadmium quantum dot labels for years.
 This innovation now opens the market for the development of crucial
 application in life sciences, medical imaging and other new applications,"
 commented Frost & Sullivan analysts, Kasturi Nadkarny and Vijay Shankar
     "Evident Technologies is the pioneer in this field, and this new product
 will have a profound impact in the life science market. The stability and
 brightness of this product makes it ideal for my research on microarrays for
 genetic diagnosis. Evident's cutting-edge work in quantum dot technology
 should lead to an impressive array of products, and this award for innovation
 is well-deserved", said Phyllis Gardner, M.D., Associate Professor, Stanford
 University Medical School.
     Evident's proprietary T2-MP EviTag(TM) product line is based upon a new
 type of Indium Gallium Phosphide (InGaP), quantum dots that are bright,
 long-lasting and do not contain heavy metals. Traditional quantum dots have
 been either cadmium-based or lead-based, both of which contain toxic, heavy
 metals. Due to the dangers of these metals and incidents of cadmium poisoning,
 Japan and European countries have imposed severe restrictions on the use of
 cadmium and lead in a large number of applications, particularly those
 involving consumer devices. The T2-MP EviTags(TM) would not face such
     In the T2-MP EviTags(TM), the InGaP quantum dots are coated with an outer
 layer of zinc sulphide deposited via Evident's patented 'Molecular Plating'
 technique. The presence of this proprietary outer protective layer ensures
 that these quantum dots stand up to the harsh environment that exists in life
 science applications. All these features combine to create bright, stable,
 non-heavy metal quantum dot T2-MP EviTags(TM) with tremendous promise for life
 science applications, especially in vivo imaging.
     "After my pioneering work with quantum dots in Russia nearly a quarter of
 a century ago, it is good to see continued innovation in the field. The
 world's scientific community has been developing this technology, Evident
 makes it practical for applications", Dr. Alex Ekimov -- one of the earliest
 discoverers of quantum dots at the Russian Ioffe Institute.
     "We are proud to be pioneers in this field, and believe that our
 proprietary non-heavy metal quantum dots will not only lead to an impressive
 array of new uses and products but could provide a foundation for the future
 of nanomaterials," said Clinton Ballinger, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer at
     About Evident Technologies
     Evident Technologies (http://www.evidenttech.com) is a pioneer in the
 development of advanced quantum dot nanomaterials engineered to enable
 next-generation products for numerous markets including life sciences, solid
 state lighting, energy, security, telecommunications and emergent
 nanotechnology markets. Evident is a leading commercial source for a wide
 range of quantum dot material systems and a partner-of-choice for companies in
 a growing range of markets.

SOURCE Evident Technologies, Inc.