eWEEK'S OpenHack III Challenges Hackers to Crack Web Site; Sponsor Argus Systems Group Offers $50,000 for Successful Hack

Jan 12, 2001, 00:00 ET from eWEEK

    MEDFORD, Mass., Jan. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- In a major test of Web security,
 eWEEK is launching OpenHack III, an open challenge to penetrate and corrupt a
 fictitious Internet service provider (ISP) and e-commerce site being
 established by Argus Systems Group.
     OpenHack III is the third in a series of tests conducted by the newsweekly
 for building the e-business enterprise.  The first, conducted in September
 1999, evaluated the security of Windows NT 4 and of Linux.  A June 2000
 challenge included five different operating system platforms, a true
 e-commerce application and multiple layers of intrusion detection.
     "OpenHack brings users, vendors and hackers together in an attempt to
 tighten obvious and not-so-obvious vulnerabilities in typically used operating
 systems," said eWEEK Labs Director John Taschek.  "What we learn from these
 challenges can prevent catastrophes from happening later."
     For the OpenHack III challenge, Argus is deploying three market-leading
 platforms, Sun Solaris 7, IBM AIX 4.3.3 and Red Hat Linux.  Each of these
 platforms will be secured by Argus's proprietary PitBull intrusion prevention
 system.  Instead of using traditional security mechanisms -- firewalls,
 intrusion-detection systems and host security applications -- that provide
 elements of perimeter defense security, Argus seeks to prevent intrusion with
 its system installed on Web-facing and other net-accessible servers.
     The eWEEK competition establishes an ISP and e-commerce site and sets four
 criteria to determine a successful attack on each of the four systems:
     -- Compromise a co-hosted ISP web server to deface the web pages of a
        fictitious competitor's web site located on the server
     -- Gain access to the DNS server and modify the DNS data files
     -- Crack into the shell server's file system
     -- Access database information from the e-commerce store
     Participants in OpenHack III will be provided with account passwords and
 login information on the servers.
     Argus is the raising the stakes over the previous competitions by offering
 $50,000 as the top prize to the hacker who accomplishes all four test
 challenges.  Other prizes are $1,000 for breaking into one level; $2,500 for
 breaking into two; and $10,000 for three.  A hacker in Gibraltar won the top
 prize of $2,500 in the June 2000 round.
     "E-business security has traditionally been associated with hassles and
 headaches, and cost and complexity -- and it still wasn't adequately secure,"
 said Randy Sandone, president and chief executive officer of Argus Systems
 Group.  "That's all about to change, and OpenHack III will prove it."
     OpenHack III begins on Jan. 15 and runs for two weeks or until a full
 four-level hack is achieved.  Complete information about the challenge is
 available at http://www.openhack.com.
     About Argus Systems Group, Inc.
     Argus Systems Group, Inc., a privately held company headquartered in
 Savoy, Ill., offers a full suite of e-business security solutions and
 applications.  Argus is committed to providing state-of-the-art security
 solutions for emerging next economy environments.  Argus supplies the only
 trusted OS-based intrusion prevention system available to support multiple
 platforms, from desktop to enterprise server.  Additional information
 regarding Argus Systems Group, is available at the company's Web site
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