Exalead Web Search Engine Reaches 4 Billion Web Page Milestone

Powerful 64-Bit Indexing Technology Accelerates Indexing of All Web Content

Feb 06, 2006, 00:00 ET from Exalead

    NEW YORK, Feb. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Exalead, an innovative provider of search
 software designed to simplify all aspects of information access, today
 announced it has indexed more than 4 billion Web pages as part of its
 commitment to offer customers an easier way to find information on the World
 Wide Web. Business professionals, consumers, researchers and bloggers around
 the globe have already recognized the power of Exalead's search-by-serendipity
 approach. Exalead's unique, unified user interface lets individuals narrow
 down, refocus or broaden their search queries to explore information in a more
 natural way.
     "This is an important milestone for the Exalead community, but our work
 does not end here," said Francois Bourdoncle, cofounder and chief executive
 officer of Exalead. "We recently consolidated our data center and implemented
 powerful 64-bit technology, which will allow us to double our index to eight
 billion Web pages by July. Exalead's 64-bit technology is incredibly efficient
 and requires nearly ten times fewer resources to do the job. We will continue
 to raise the bar in terms of database size."
     The Exalead Web search engine (www.exalead.com), exalead
 one:websearch(TM), is based on the exalead one:search(TM) 4.0 platform that
 was announced in October 2005 and serves as the foundation for the company's
 search software solutions for the desktop, workgroup, enterprise and
 datacenter. Designed with the user in mind, Exalead's mission has always been
 to provide a unified user interface - from the desktop to the enterprise and
 the Web - to ensure a consistent search experience.
     "The Web continues to serve as a critical information source for business-
 related search," Bourdoncle said. "From Day One, Exalead integrated Web search
 into its software to provide users with a single point of access to data no
 matter where it resides. Popular Web search engines don't always return
 comprehensive results in a way that helps business professionals make informed
 decisions faster and with more certainty."
     Advanced Query Capabilities and Linguistics
     Based on real-time statistical linguistics, statistical semantics and
 entity extraction technology, Exalead's Web search engine offers a wide range
 of advanced query capabilities and linguistics features. These include:
 spelling suggestion, phonetic search, fuzzy matching, proximity search, word
 stemming, search term highlighting, multi-language search, automatic phrase
 detection and translation. Additionally, Exalead offers personalization
 options on its home page, shortcuts and personal bookmarks. A smart preview
 feature lets users browse results with ease.
     Often, the Web page one is searching for does not contain the terms of the
 original search query. To help solve this challenge, Exalead's patented
 navigation system automatically generates a table of contents for each query
 by recording the information's structure. Users can then refine their search
 by clicking on hyperlinked categories and related topics, or by geographic
 location, author, format, or even language.
     "With content on the Web growing exponentially, information is no longer
 the problem," said Sue Feldman, IDC's VP for Content Technologies. "Instead,
 sorting through too much information becomes the challenge. Exalead pays
 attention to this problem both in its technology, and in its interactive
 interface design. By pulling out key concepts, type of media (all types or
 just audio, RSS, or video) and names of people, places, and things, they make
 it easier to narrow down a search quickly by category. The search interface,
 however, is the real innovation. In addition to the list of categories,
 Exalead returns thumbnail images of each Web page. This makes it possible to
 eliminate many Web pages because they appear, for instance, to be commercial
 sites when you are looking for research papers. Even better, clicking on the
 page displays it in a preview pane at the bottom of the screen. That includes
 previews of videos, as well. No more clicking the "Back" button in order to
 get back to the search results. Exalead's interface should help streamline the
 Web search process."
     Add the Exalead Search Bar to Your Web Site
     Many Web site publishers and bloggers are already taking advantage of how
 simple it is to integrate the Exalead Web search engine to their Web site.
 Please visit the following URL to learn more:
     About Exalead
     Founded in 2000 by search-engine pioneers, Exalead (www.exalead.com) is a
 global provider of software that is designed to simplify all aspects of
 information search and retrieval for organizations of all sizes.
     Based on the first and only unified technology platform for desktop,
 intranet or Web search, Exalead offers easier deployment, administration and
 use than any other enterprise-type search software. This is true whether for
 one or thousands of desktops, a small business or global enterprise, and
 conforms to any technology environment.  It also adapts to user habits for a
 uniquely satisfying search experience.
     Exalead software is used by leading banking and financial services, media,
 consumer packaged goods, research, retailing sports entertainment and
 telecommunications companies around the world. Exalead is an operating unit of
 Qualis, an international holding company with principal offices in Paris.
     Exalead, exalead one:search and exalead one:websearch are registered
 trademarks or trademarks of Exalead SA.
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     Euro RSCG Magnet
     Jessica Bookach

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