Express to Launch the 'Play List Jacket' By Bagir For iPod-Carrying Men Everywhere

Mar 12, 2007, 01:00 ET from Bagir Ltd.

    NEW YORK, March 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Walk down any street and you will
 see people plugged into their iPods. But they can prove unwieldy and messy
 when wearing a blazer. Wires hanging and the device bulging through the
 fabric can ruin the lining of a good suit.
     However, now fashion and good music can go hand in hand. Bagir Ltd., a
 manufacturer of tailored clothing, has created the "Play List Jacket,"
 which is exclusive to Express Men, and offers all the elements for an iPod
 cleverly integrated into a sleek blazer.
     "It's the only tailored jacket in the world that has been specifically
 designed to be compatible to iPods," says Offer Gilboa, CEO of Bagir, which
 has been given a "Made for iPod" authorization from Apple for tailored
     Outwardly, the "Play List Jacket" is contemporary and elegant in the
 newest slim, trim silhouette while, within its shell, the jacket is wired
 to play music. A strategically placed pocket has been designed to hold the
 music element while earphone wires can be set in place via hidden loops on
 the inner lapel.
     "Our company has targeted this unique jacket collection to the customer
 who is in the business world, likes stylish clothing, and is in step with
 the newest electronic innovations," adds Gilboa.
     Want to change the music, pause, rewind, or adjust the volume? An
 individual can adjust the iPod through soft touch controls that are built
 into the inner lapel. It's music to the ears and harmonious with today's
     "The Express 'Play List Jacket' speaks to the lifestyle of our customer
 who is a modern guy with a sense of style and a passion for collecting the
 latest technology. Our jacket is wired for use with the Apple iPod,
 combining quality, functionality and attitude. It resonates with the
 Express DNA which is about being a fun, sexy 'going out' brand with a
 modern edge," says Toby Jackson, Express VP Men's Merchandising.
     The jacket hits Express later this month and will retail for $248.
 Coordinating pants are also available.
     Erica Fineberg,
     Philip Ferro,
     +1-212-686-7820, both for Bagir Ltd.

SOURCE Bagir Ltd.